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Abbott’s Survey on ‘Healthy Living: The Role of Vitamin C’ Highlights 2 in 3 Consumers Trust Vitamin Supplements to Help Boost Immunity

Mumbai, April 4, 2024: People around the world are increasingly growing health conscious and are more willing to make lifestyle changes post the pandemic. To better understand people’s evolving health needs Abbott, a global healthcare company, in partnership with IPSOS, unveiled the findings of its pan-India survey, ‘Healthy Living: The Role of Vitamin C.

The survey highlighted that nearly 7 out of 10 consumers associate good health with immunity, high energy levels, and performing daily activities without difficulty. Most peoplealso seek to maintain adequate levels of vitamin C for better health outcomes. Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient involved in maintaining several body functions and is known to have many health benefits. The findings uncovered insights into how people perceive and incorporate vitamin C into their daily routine.

Dr Kartik Peethambaran, Associate Director, Medical Affairs, Abbott India said, “Vitamin C contributes to the immune defence mechanism of the body that helps boost immunity. Supplementation with vitamin C is known to prevent and treat respiratory infections and has multiple health benefits. Our survey highlights perception onthe role of vitamin C in overall good health.

Vitamin C has significant health benefits such as strengthening the body’s defences and bone health, enhancing iron absorption, helping with wound healing, maintenance of healthy gums and more. Lack of vitamin C can, therefore, lead to a nutritional gap,” said Dr. Ketan Mehta, Consulting Physician & Cardiologist, Suchak Hospital, Mumbai . He added, Consistent consumption of vitamin C not just helps in building immunity but also benefits people with non-communicable diseases like diabetes, who may require greater intake.”


Key Findings: ‘Healthy Living: The Role of Vitamin C’ Survey

Ipsos surveyed over 2,000 people across nine cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Ahmedabad, and Pune. Some key findings include:

Observed benefits:
o 52% of respondents said consuming vitamin C supplements during rainy and winter seasons resulted in less sick days
o 61% of women found vitamin C beneficial in faster recovery from illness

Perceived benefits:
o About 60% of respondents (including 50% of non-supplement users) associate vitamin C supplements with recovery from illness
o 65% of respondents perceive that vitamin supplements help in maintaining overall health, and 52% are of the opinion that it can help maintain bone and joint health
o 73% respondents drink enough water and have a balanced diet to recover faster from illnesses

Effects of low vitamin C intake:
o 60% of respondents believe that lack of vitamin C lowers immunity
o 36% associate low Vitamin C intake with delay in recovery from illnesses

Dr. Ketan Mehta further added, “These findings further align with research studies on vitamin C and its role insupporting immune function and fighting infections. Making Vitamin C a part of one’s daily diet can help people get and stay healthy by building a stronger immune system.”

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