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Actor-Influencer Akash Choudhary Paves the Way for Men’s Indo-Fusion Fashion, Breaking Barriers Inspired by Kareena Kapoor Khan

In a groundbreaking move, the charismatic actor-fashion influencer, Akash Choudhary, is trailblazing a new era in men’s fashion, drawing inspiration from the iconic Kareena Kapoor Khan. As Kareena graced the limelight as the face of Masaba Gupta’s ‘The Masaba Bride’ luxury bridal label, Akash now takes the torch forward, becoming the first male influencer to proudly flaunt diverse ethnic outfits for men.

Following in the footsteps of Kareena’s exquisite ‘Patiala Portraits’ campaign, Akash seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, rewriting the style narrative with his unique Indo-Fusion flair. From a resplendent golden mirror work kurta with a matching dupatta to a daring black skirt ensemble with a short kurta, and a fusion of stylish jeans paired with a colorful overcoat exuding traditional charm – each ensemble is a testament to Akash’s courage to defy conventions.

An emotionally charged Akash expressed, “Fashion is about expression, not limitation. Kareena Kapoor Khan set a standard of elegance, and I’m honored to carry that torch forward. Each outfit I wear is a statement – a statement that men, too, can embrace the beauty of diversity in fashion. Just like Kareena, who celebrated fine aging and the delicate lines that tell a story, I believe in the power of simplicity and elegance.”

He added, “Kareena’s approach to ‘The Masaba Bride’ campaign, embracing the idea that at any age, one can be a bride, deeply resonates with me. It’s a celebration of individuality and the understanding that beauty transcends time. In her minimal yet powerful choices, Kareena shattered stereotypes, proving that every age is the right age to be a bride. She made simplicity a hallmark of grace and redefined the notion of bridal wear.

“So, whether it’s the golden mirror work kurta, the black skirt ensemble, or the stylish jeans paired with a traditional overcoat, it’s not just a wardrobe change – it’s a movement. It’s about breaking barriers one outfit at a time, echoing Kareena’s timeless message that fashion is a celebration of who we are, at any age,” Akash concluded.

On the work front, after winning hearts in Splitsvilla 10 and Bhagya Lakshmi, Akash Choudhary is focused on collaborating with fashion brands. He’s also working hard to fulfill his dream of starting his own production company, which he plans to reveal to the world later this year.

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