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Akash Singh Pratap showcases his character’s inspiring journey of getting ready to fight the world with the Main Ladega Anthem- out now!

Akash Pratap Singh’s film Main Ladega is an emotional tale of a son trying to challenge the patriarchy in his own home. With an intense subject and storyline, the film needed to have a power-packed anthem too. Serving up exactly that, the Main Ladega Anthem has now been released serving as the sonic backbone of the film and perfectly encapsulating its theme.

The anthem shows Akash’s character’s journey prepping to fight the world and what adds impact is the engaging music and inspiring visuals that all boil down to his character fighting his inner demons as well as the world. Talking about the Anthem, Akash Pratap Singh says, “The Main Ladega Anthem is very special for me, firstly it brings out the true emotions, the turmoil the character is going through quite beautifully, but the attitude to triumph is also captured very well. Main Ladega is a very inspiring film, its very close to my heart.”

Composed by Mukund Suryawanshi and penned by Shlok Lal and Akshay Dhawan from Jam8 Studio, the Main Ladega anthem has transcended its role as mere background music, emerging as a symbol of resilience, determination, and the indomitable human spirit. It has been sung by Romy and stars Akash Pratap Singh, Gandharv Dhawan, and Aswath Bhat.

Main Ladega tells a hard-hitting story of a son who stands up for his mother against his father.
It is the story of a small-town family where the mother faces domestic violence from her husband almost every day. And while this unpleasant atmosphere leaves a scar on Akash’s character, he distances himself from home and grows up to be a boxer. There on he fights this toxic patriarchy, and locks horns with his father, who has been torturing his mother for many years. The action-packed, yet emotional story is bound to pinch the viewers’ hearts.

Produced by Akshay Bhagwanji & Pinakin Bhakta. The lead actor Akash Pratap Singh has also written the story. Main Ladega is directed by Gaurav Rana. Presented as well as produced by Kathaakar Films which was founded by Akshay Bhagwanji and Akash Pratap Singh, Main Ladega will be released in theaters on 26th April 2024.

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