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Bhumi Pednekar is looking for a tentpole OTT project!

Young Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar is in awe of the content that has been churned out by streaming platforms and is looking for a tentpole project to make her debut on it!

Bhumi’s body of work so far proves that she is one of the most disruptive actors in India today. She will make the plunge for streaming only and only if a distinctly exciting project comes her way.

She says, “The bar that streaming content has globally, as well as in India is incredible. I have been thinking of venturing into the digital space for a while now, but I’m clear that my debut on streaming has to be something that’s exciting and different from all the incredible films that I do.”

Bhumi adds, “As a viewer, I truly believe that even platforms and the content that they put out is disruptive and a longer format gives an actor the chance to truly dwell into their character and create something that can really be iconic.”

She further says, “I’m a fan of so many shows, and I’m such a viewer of all the content that comes out. And I feel like an actor like me would really try doing something that I really resonate with. I’m quite positive that I will find something that I believe in.”

Bhumi added, “For my foray into the digital world, I was always very clear that I need to do something that’s different from the films that I do. I’ve been very fortunate that my films have always given me an opportunity to challenge myself go out of my comfort zone, and with the series because the longer format as an actor gives me an opportunity to really flesh out my character, live the character and develop my character into something that can have a everlasting impact. That’s why in that case, whatever I do has to be something that I’ve not done in film before. It has to be different from the film work also that I usually get. And whenever something like that comes my way, I think I’ll jump on it. Doing a longer format has excited me for a couple of years now and I have kind of dwelled into it but I’ve never found something that really got me extremely thrilled. And I really hope that I find something that I resonate with.”

On the work front, Bhumi will be seen in Redchillies’ Bhakshak & Mudassar Aziz’s Mere Husband Ki Biwi.

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