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Bringing a Double Bonanza, Minosha Launches Customer Experience Centre, Premieres RICOH’s Production Printer Models

Mumbai, November 01, 2023: In a world where business success hinges on adaptability and innovation, Minosha India Ltd. proudly introduces the RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500, the digital color press designed for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. This next-generation system empowers businesses to reach new heights with its advanced technologies, automation, and top-notch quality. These launches coincide with the inauguration of the Minosha Customer Experience Centre, which serves as a hub for customers to gain in-depth knowledge about these products and engage in live testing of various applications that they intend to explore using the new offerings. The state-of-the-art design of the Customer Experience Centre is equipped with all the necessary facilities to allow visitors to fully experience the features of these machines.

Sharing his views on the occasion, Mr. Atul Thakker, Managing Director – Minosha India Ltd, said, “At the brink of a transformative printing era, the RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 aren’t just printers; they’re investments in your business’s future. Minosha India Ltd. and RICOH are thrilled to introduce products that revolutionize your printing, elevating efficiency and quality. They’re your gateway to pioneering excellence in a dynamic business landscape, propelling you ahead of the curve. With these innovations, you’re investing in the resilience of your business, and we’re excited to be part of this transformative journey with you.”

Mr. Koji Miyao, President, Ricoh Graphic Communications BU Corporate Officer, Ricoh Company, Ltd. commented, “Our partnership with Minosha reflects our shared commitment to innovation and excellence. The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 represent a transformative leap in printing technology, offering businesses the tools they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing landscape. With Minosha, we’re excited to empower enterprises with next-gen capabilities, exceptional quality, and a clear path to future success. Together, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of digital printing, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve.”

Unleashing advanced technologies for success

The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 are more than just presses; they are state-of-the-art systems that leverage advanced technologies to take your business to the next level. Built on a solid foundation, these systems offer automation, predictability, and quality that are unmatched in the industry.

With a robust and user-friendly print controller, you can boost your productivity and efficiency. The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 support a wide range of media, from 40 GSM to 470 GSM, enabling you to print any application for any digital printing segment. The new series also features built-in technologies that ensure consistent colour and superior quality to meet your customer needs.

These innovative presses deliver precise front-to-back registration with any media type. They can handle high monthly volumes of up to 1,000,000 pages and 2,40,000 pages respectively, with remarkable auto duplex and perfecting capabilities up to 470 GSM. You can reduce the need for constant operator intervention and increase your uptime.

Scalable, affordable, and highly intelligent

The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 are the solutions to your most pressing challenges in an ever-evolving business landscape. They help you overcome labor shortages by attracting a new generation of press operators. They also enable you to transition from offset to digital without compromising quality, even in the most demanding production environments. These dynamic machines open up new opportunities for you to expand into high-margin segments like packaging and Offset, ensuring profitability despite shorter runs.

Relentless performance for remarkable results

The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 stand out with their relentless capabilities in a world where performance matters. The RICOH Pro C9500 achieves speeds of up to 135 pages per minute (115 ppm is standard), while the RICOH Pro C7500 achieves speeds of up to 95 pages per minute (85 ppm is standard), setting new standards for efficiency.

You can replace toner while the machine is in operation and enjoy an impressive 18,100-sheet maximum paper capacity on the RICOH Pro C9500, ensuring that your business never has to wait on a technician. You can also perform preventive maintenance with minimal disruption using the Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRU) option.

Work smarter from end to end

The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 lead the way when it comes to predictability and repeatability. The all-new Fiery®️ N-70 Controller and Fiery®️ N-50 Controller series with the latest Digital Front End, based on Fiery and Ricoh technology, enable you to tackle more extensive and complex files faster. These presses are not just about printing; they are about maximizing daily output.

Best-in-class media support for business expansion

The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500’s unparalleled media support empower your business to embrace a broader range of creative applications. These presses can handle it all, whether it’s flyers, direct mail, promotional materials, packaging, catalogs, photo books, or point-of-purchase displays. With support for thin-to-thick paper, synthetic, and specialty substrates, you can maintain a continuous job flow without any production slowdowns. These new series come with innovative technologies that ensure the machine productivity is maintained at all times even while using mixed media.

Inline finishing for efficiency

The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 offer in-house finishing solutions that save money and provide greater control over your projects. You can confidently produce high-quality saddle-stitched booklets, ring-bound books, and folded direct mail efficiently and affordably. Automation ensures fewer steps, fewer manual errors, and faster turnaround times.

A simplified user experience

Minosha is committed to providing an intuitive and highly intelligent experience for operators of all skill levels. The RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500’s automated features enable even a new generation of operators to succeed with the system’s most advanced capabilities at their disposal. The new and embedded Graphic controller supports a highly synchronized remote diagnosis system, enabling remote service and ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

Services that pave new pathways to success

Minosha’s commitment to a business’s success extends beyond the product itself. From operator training to finishing solutions, business development, and G7 certification, their professional services teams, with real-world experience, ensure that your journey with the RICOH Pro C9500 and RICOH Pro C7500 is smooth from the very beginning. Minosha and RICOH are single-source partners, dedicated to helping you maximize your investment and develop a deeper customer base.

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