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Content films have been the toast of the industry recently!’ : Bhumi Pednekar

Young Bollywood actor Bhumi Pednekar is currently basking in the unanimous appreciation and love showered upon her for her stellar performance in Bhakshak. With 12th fail becoming the big sleeper hit for the industry theatrically and Bhakshak becoming a global hit on streaming, content films are again the toast of town!

Bhumi is considered one of the best actors of the Indian film industry, given her incredible body of work. Her superbly nuanced and brilliant performance in Bhakshak is earning her incredible applause. Bhakshak has created another milestone that makes India proud on the global content stage – it is amongst Top 5 Non-English films globally for weeks now!

Bhumi rejoices saying, “Content films have been the toast of the industry recently and that brings me a lot of joy and a lot of hope. I owe my career, my identity to forward-thinking cinema and film-makers. While 12th Fail, easily one the best films that I have seen in my life, became the sleeper hit of the year theatrically, Bhakshak has been topping the global charts on streaming!”

She adds, “For an Indian content to entertain the world is a huge milestone for the cinema that we are currently creating. Bhakshak is amongst the few films that’s broken out and has resonated globally. That’s a big big achievement for us all and a moment of pride for our industry.”

Bhumi further adds, “For generations, content films have changed the way films have been made or consumed and I hope that films like Bhakshak will contribute towards the kind of films that are going to be made for years to come.”

She says, “Being an Indian actor, watching Indian cinema entertaining audiences worldwide is the best reward for me! I hope more and more Indian films and series wow people globally and India writes the next chapter of global entertainment landscape!”

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