DUROFLEX LAUNCHES INDIA’S FIRST ANTIVIRAL MATTRESS PROTECTOR Powered by Swiss HeiQ Viroblock technology. Kills 99.99% harmful viruses and bacteria within minutes. Aims to keep every Indian home safe. – Adarsh Maharashtra


National, August 28, 2020:

Health and safety are the biggest priorities for us as a nation as we fight this pandemic together. New codes of safety like masks and sanitizers have become a norm when we step outside. As we spend more and more time at home, what is it that is keeping us safe at home? As a 100% Made in India brand and the nation’s most trusted sleep solutions provider, Duroflex wanted to create a solution that would make every Indian home safe. Duroflex has launched a first-of-its-kind innovation – Duro Safe Mattress Protector, India’s first Antiviral Mattress Protector powered by Swiss technology, HeiQ Viroblock which can kill 99.99% virus and bacteria within minutes keeping you and your loved ones safe and protected.

Duroflex has always pushed the boundaries of innovation by creating research-backed products that have redefined the meaning of sleep and comfort. The advanced Duro Safe Mattress Protector is the latest innovation from the brand. It is powered by the intelligent textile technology, HeiQ Viroblock which focuses on comfort and safety. The HeiQ Viroblock technology uses silver ions and vesicles to neutralize viruses on contact. It has been tested on over 94 viruses and found to deactivate them within minutes. Additionally, this protector is also 100% waterproof, anti-dust mite, hypoallergenic and safe for skin making a complete hygiene solution to keep all Indian homes safe and protected.

The Duro Safe Mattress Protector is available in four sizes to fit every mattress size – Single, Double, Queen and King. Starting at INR 2099 for a single size, the anti-viral mattress protector will be available at all Duroflex retail outlets across the country and can be shopped online on the brand website  It is also be available on leading e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. Duroflex (@duroflexworld) is the only sleep solutions brand to go beyond conventional mattress counters and portals and make their antiviral protectors available in health and medical outlets as well.

Please find below the Youtube link to the new Duro Safe Mattress Protector video:

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