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Exciting New Year’s Pet Party Activities to Ring in the Fun at Home

As the clock strikes midnight and the New Year dawns, it’s not just humans who are ready to celebrate. Our four-legged friends deserve to join the fun and ring in the new year with joy and excitement. Hosting a New Year’s Pet Party at home can be a fantastic way to include your furry companions in the celebration. However, as pet owners, our first step starts with making sure that our home is ready for our little ones and their furry friends to truly have a delightful time with you and your fellow pet parents. As they often turn the floor of your home into their playground, ensuring clean and safe floors for our pets is paramount. Opting for natural cleaners becomes an excellent alternative to create a safer space at home.


Pet parent and influencer from Bangalore, Sushil Kumar, says “As a dedicated pet parent, ensuring a safe and joyful environment for my fur babies is my utmost priority. I understand the importance of a clean and pet-friendly space, especially floors. I’m thrilled to celebrate the new year with them using pet-friendly activities, all while maintaining safe floors for them to play. I opted for my trusted floor cleaner, ITC Nimyle. This powerful neem-based floor cleaner, with 100% natural action*, leaves behind no chemical residue ensuring the well-being of my little ones.”


Discover a range of distinctive pet party activities that promise enjoyment for both your friends and furry companions. These unique ideas are perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind New Year’s celebration for your pets:


Pet-Friendly DIY Treat Station:

Set up a DIY treat station at home and engage in making homemade snacks. While the pet parents partake in making easy and delicious treats, the pets can enjoy the fruits of your labor and experience their version of fine dining to start a brand-new year with a brand-new treat different from what they are usually used to. This activity can get a little messy but worry not, a quick sweep of the floor with Nimyle can be effective in leaving your floors looking spotless with a fresh fragrance. Because who said cleaning can’t be a pawsome experience?


Pet Costume Parade in the Living Room:

Encourage pet owners to dress up their furry companions in adorable costumes and host a pet costume party in the comfort of your living room. Capture the moment with photos paired with your sparkling floors, free from dirt, stains, and germs, doubling as the perfect mini runway.


Purrfect Countdown:

Create a countdown for pets with a special treat for them with each passing second leading up to a new year filled with excitement and love with your true best friend. Make sure to capture their reactions on camera to preserve a special memory you can cherish throughout the year.


With thoughtful planning and a focus on maintaining safe and healthy floors for your furry friends, hosting a New Year’s Pet Party at home can become a cherished experience for both you and your pets. By integrating these engaging and pet-friendly activities in the comfort of your home, you can guarantee a hassle-free and paw-some celebration. So, assemble your furry friends, and get ready to welcome a new year filled with new adventures with your most loyal companions.

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