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Gemini Cooking Oil unveils a new campaign film; reinforces consumer confidence and its position as the No.1 Sunflower Oil in Quality in India

National (December 13, 2023) – Gemini Cooking Oil, recognized as the No. 1 quality sunflower oil in India by Consumer Voice, has released a campaign titled Gemini Ranked No 1 in Quality, reinforcing consumer trust in the brand.

The campaign TVC opens with a setting of an Indian kitchen, where the mother and daughter-in-law are preparing a meal for their family, and the son walks in with a newspaper in his hand, excitedly trying to educate the women to use Gemini Cooking Oil because he’s just learned that it is the No. 1 quality oil. The film then takes a humorous route with the women teaching him that they have already been using the best oil for their family.
As the film closes, it makes an interesting point on the role of homemakers, knowing what is best for the health of the family and that Gemini is India’s No. 1 quality oil, that should be used in the household.
Commenting on the film, Subin Sivan, Marketing and Insights Leader, Cargill Food Solutions, South Asia said, “As a brand, we take pride in being validated as India’s No. 1 Sunflower Oil in quality by a government recognized organization like Consumer Voice. Our commitment to deliver the highest standards of quality has been acknowledged not only by this recognition but also the homemakers who choose Gemini as their cooking choice every day for their families. This campaign is a celebration of our consistent commitment to superior quality, and strong trust we enjoy with consumers. We look forward to continue being a part of the journey in many more households in India”
Talking about the campaign, Nikhil Mahajan, Chief Growth Officer and GM, BBDO India, said: “Gemini Sunflower Oil is an undisputed leader not just in Maharashtra but across the nation. When it comes to cooking, no one wants to compromise on the key ingredients like Cooking Oil and everyone who cooks knows what’s the best quality cooking oil. This was the simple insight we used in our campaign to reinforce our leadership position and assurance of our quality. We found a nice and a quirky way to deliver this message through two films and some impactful communication at point of sale. I’m certain that it will resonate with a lot of people and help the brand in moving key business metrics.”
The study that placed Gemini sunflower oil on No. 1 rank on quality was based on the findings of a laboratory study by Consumer Voice, a govt recognized testing agency, conducted on 23 leading Sunflower brands tested on 20 quality parameters as per the regulations of FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India), Agmark and legal methodology. Each brand was evaluated on quality and purity parameters including fatty acid composition, saturated fatty acids, MUFA, PUFA, trans fats, moisture and insoluble impurities, refractive index, acid value, saponification value, unsaponifiable matter among others. For more on the study you can visit,
You can view the campaign film here:

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