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Grand Launch of Fortune 500 Conglomerate, NOV Inc., at Grand Hyatt, Kochi

Kochi, September 21, 2023* – In a dazzling and distinguished affair hosted at the opulent Grand Hyatt, Kochi, NOV Inc., a Fortune 500 powerhouse, unveiled its corporate presence with grandeur on the evening of September 21, 2023. The event, graced by eminent luminaries, lent an air of prestige to this momentous occasion, with the distinguished presence of MLA Vinod, the venerable retired IPS officer and former DGP Loknath Behera, who currently serves as the Managing Director of KOCHI METRO RAIL, and the esteemed Mr. Madhu S Nair, Managing Director of Cochin Shipyard.

The evening commenced under the gracious welcome of Mr. Anand Narayanaswamy, Director of NOV Digital Technologies, who artfully set the tone for an evening that fused business excellence with celebratory exuberance. His welcoming address not only accentuated the significance of NOV Inc.’s entry into the Kochi corporate milieu but also encapsulated the promise of innovation that the company brings to the region.

The launch event was a tapestry of splendor and substance, affording attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in NOV Inc.’s vision and offerings. Distinguished guests and business leaders mingled and explored the facets of NOV Inc.’s corporate journey while reveling in the luxuriant ambience of the Grand Hyatt.

As the evening culminated, James Lazar, Director of Wellbore Technologies, delivered a poignant vote of thanks that resonated with gratitude for the collaborative spirit that made the event a resounding success. His words underscored the pivotal role played by attendees in elevating the launch to its grandeur.

NOV Inc.’s foray into Kochi’s business tapestry heralds the promise of fresh vistas and economic growth, further cementing Kochi’s status as a burgeoning business epicenter. The grand launch event was an unequivocal triumph, effectively paving the way for NOV Inc.’s impending journey in the heart of Kochi’s corporate landscape.

About NOV Inc.: National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Inc. is a globally renowned Fortune 500 corporation, celebrated for its transformative contributions to the energy industry and beyond. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, NOV Inc. continues to shape the future of various sectors.

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