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Hospitable Moscow: What Indian tourists will find interesting in the Russian capital

India is among the leading countries when it comes to the number of tourists from non-CIS countries who visit Moscow. In the spring and summer of 2024, Russia is preparing to receive even more business and educational tourists from India. Business visits remain one of the most popular purposes of trips to the Russian capital, but classic tourism is also popular: the number of travelers visiting Moscow in 2023 increased by 37% compared to 2022. The Moscow City Tourism Committee discusses main points of attraction in Moscow for Indian tourists and businessmen at different times of the year.


Comfortable hotels and convenient transportation


The Russian capital offers hundreds of hotels for comfortable 4- and 5-star accommodation. Depending on the travel program, you can choose hotels closer to Sheremetyevo International Airport, hotels near huge parks or accommodation in the heart of Moscow – Red Square. The high standard of Russian hotels is noted by all tourists, and Russian hotels confirmed their level of hospitality during the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018. Moscow’s transport network is considered one of the most developed in the world, so from any hotel located near the metro, travelers can easily get to any point of the city without using a cab. Transportation in the capital is clear and convenient: all signs in the subway are duplicated in English, so it’s easy enough to navigate.


Historic architecture and recreational parks


Moscow has accumulated numerous architectural masterpieces from different eras worth seeing. Within one tour around the capital, you can see the old Moscow: merchant houses and preserved mansions, lavish palaces of the times of tsars and emperors (the estate of Counts Sheremetiev in Kuskovo, Durasov’s estate in Lyublino, Znamenskoye-Sadki, the residence of Catherine II in the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve). And you can admire the scale and scope of the Soviet period – the magnificent exhibition complex VDNKh, buildings in the style of Stalin’s Empire, the famous Moscow “high-rises”, the restored Northern River Station. You can take a break from excursions in new recreation areas of the capital – in a cozy park on the Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) along the Moscow River, in a unique public space “Zaryadye” with a view of the city, in Sokolniki or Tsaritsyno parks, Bauman Garden.



Masterpieces of world art for adults and entertainment for children


Visit Moscow to see the legendary Nutcracker or Swan Lake – why not? Many tourists time their visits to Russia to the schedule of Moscow theaters to enjoy Russian ballet, opera or theater performances live. 


For those who come to the capital with children, there is plenty to choose from here too. A huge amusement park with stores “Dream Island”, a 140-meter-high Ferris wheel “Sun of Moscow”, Moscow Zoo – one of the oldest zoos in Europe, oceanariums and water park in the Palace of Water Sports, cableway over the Moskva River and rides on the river streetcar – the concentration of entertainment in the capital will allow you to choose a program to suit the interests of both adults and children.


Shopping ideas and tried-and-true Indian cuisine


Along with experiences of great works of art, you can also leave Moscow with numerous gifts — souvenirs in Moscow are very unusual and are enthusiastically received in different countries. Numerous souvenir stores offer traditional works of Russian craftsmen – knitted shawls, woven shawls, hand-painted kitchen utensils, unique Russian gingerbread, red and black caviar and pastila, souvenir weapons, toys and reproductions of paintings by Russian artists. In recent years, a lot of author’s clothing and footwear brands have appeared in Moscow, which are very attractive not only to Russians themselves, but also to foreign visitors.


Over the time Indian culture has turned out to be very close to the Russian people, so it is not surprising that Indian cuisine has become popular in the Russian capital. Guests from India can easily find their favorite familiar food: there are several large Indian restaurants “Dhaba” and “Jay Hind”, Indian fast-food chains “Kurkuma”, “Dosa”, “Tali”, “Bollywood Food” and others in Moscow, and there are points with Indian cuisine in almost every food court in large shopping centers and Moscow markets – places of gastronomic tourism. If you want to join Russian cuisine, it will not be difficult for you. There are hundreds of outlets in the capital offering a wide range of traditional dishes. Another great way to get acquainted with gastronomic traditions is the Moscow Tea Party project, which is dedicated to the traditions of hospitality and the history of Moscow. In the city’s hotels and restaurants, which are marked with a special sticker on the door, guests can try tea, jam and pastries, which will be a pleasant and easy break during a walk around the capital.



Every season is a new journey


It is difficult to name the best time to visit Moscow – at any time of the year you can find entertainment to suit your taste. Winter captivates tourists with its snowy fairy tale and the opportunity to ride down hills, go snowmobiling outside the city or steam in a Russian bath. In spring, you can catch the blossoming of trees that adorn the capital and enjoy the views of Moscow against the backdrop of waking nature. Summer in in the capital is warm and comfortable as in a resort city, and if you want to refresh yourself and swim there are many swimming pools, special swimming areas and water parks. The golden autumn leaves unforgettable photos and helps to feel the spirit of Russian poets, who fell in love at this time of year. 

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