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Pooja Nangia, a beautiful woman from the State of Haryana who possesses a multitude of talents, has been making a waves in India’s Glamour celebrity scene. She is a source of pride of her state, district and family due to her numerous accomplishments and her invaluable contributions to the Glamour world.

One of Pooja’s most notable achievements was receiving an Appreciation Award from Mr Yaqoob Ali representating the Dubai Government at the Dubai World Fashion Festival. The Prestigious Award showcased her exceptional talent and her ability to promote her home country on the Global stage.


Pooja Nangia has also  played a significant role in putting Gurgaon in the spotlight by actively participating in various Beauty Pageants. At a Grand event in Delhi- focusing on Women’s empowerment she was bestowed with the Iconic   Women of India Award, recognizing her perseverance an dedication to her craft. The award was presented to her by Mrs Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, a member of Parliament, who commended Pooja’s work and wished her a promising future.


Beyond her personal achievements, Pooja’s aspirations extend to empowering women and advocating for their righful place in every field. Her passion for women’s empowerment stems from her education at the Government Women’s College Gurgaon as well as her time spent studying in Auckland New Zealand and Harvard University Cambridge Massachusetts.


When reflecting on her journey, Pooja Nangia attributes her success to the support of numerous individuals. She expresses gratitude to God, her Parents, Family, Teachers and specially her sister, who always encourages her to wear a smile even during challenging times. Their unwavering belief in her abilities and their support played a pivotal role in helping her achieving the goals.


Pooja’ s remarkable talents were evident even at a  young age when she won First Prize in a National Drawing Completion at the tender age of around four. Her Parents, Teachers and Family were amazed by her prodigious talent. Her exceptional abilities have taken her to various places including India, New Zealand , Dubai, The United Kingdom and The United States of America where she received recognition and accolades for her outstanding accomplishments.


Pooja Nangia has made significant strides in the beauty industry showcasing her versatility and talent in various domains. She has been a judge in numerous beauty contests, has been as a Celebrity Guest, has been a Motivational Speaker on Acting and Modelling at a Beauty Pageants.


Pooja’ s story exemplifies how honesty, dedication and hard work can pave the path to success serving as an inspiring example for women around the world.    Her journey has reinforced her belief that every woman has the potential to accomplish great things.


When we reflect on Pooja Nangia’s accomplishments we recognize the power of passion and perseverance. Her tale serves as a testament to how far one can go when they possess love and self belief.  Pooja’s rise from Haryana to international fame demonstrates the immense potential within people when they dream big and tirelessly strive for excellence. 


Pooja Nangia extraordinary journey exemplifies what can be achieved talent, hard work and unwavering support.  Her contribution to the Glamour industry, her dedication to  empowering women and the multitude of awards and honors she has received establish her as one of the True Iconic Women of India.


Pooja Nangia’s name shines a spotlight on the state of Haryana, inspiring countless  individuals to work diligently and pursue their dreams.

Furthermore, Pooja Nangia made a special visit to Iifa Rocks 2023 held as Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Iifa Rocks 2023 .Her presence at Iifa added another chapter to her remarkable journey, showcasing her ongoing commitment her craft her unwavering dedication to representing her state of Haryana on a Global platform. Pooja’s presence at Iifa solidifies her status as a prominent figure in the Glamour industry.  Her participation serves as a reminder of her relentless pursuit of excellence and her dedication to promoting Haryana’s talent and culture. As she continues  to shine brightly in the world of Glamour and beyond, Pooja Nangia is an inspiration for aspiring individuals , encouraging them to chase their dreams and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.


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