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Kosmos Facttor LLP: Illuminating Lives Through Occult Sciences

In a world where mysticism and ancient sciences continue to intrigue and influence lives, India stands as the epicenter of profound wisdom in occult sciences. Among these arcane disciplines, astrology, numerology, reiki, tarot, vastu, and more hold a special place. Kosmos Facttor LLP, founded on July 19, 2020, is at the forefront of providing coaching and consultation services in these mystical realms, guiding individuals towards transformation and enlightenment.


A Melding of Cosmic Sciences

India has long been celebrated as the birthplace and nurturing ground for numerous occult sciences, and luminaries from across the globe have journeyed here to explore these esoteric traditions. Among these, Numerology has emerged as a prominent and potent discipline, often complementing Astrology in the quest for self-discovery and guidance.

Numerology, as we know it today, owes much of its popularity to the work of the great Chiero, who introduced the Chaldean method. In this ancient field, the wisdom of numbers and cosmic forces intertwine to reveal insights into one’s life and destiny. While the world’s knowledge about these sciences is extensive, there remain gaps that have yet to be fully filled.

Astrology, another pillar of the occult, continues to be a subject of profound study. Renowned astrologers like Sri K.N. Rao and Sri B.V. Raman have made significant strides in deepening our understanding, yet mysteries persist.

Kosmos Facttor LLP recognizes the synergy between Numerology and Astrology, understanding that a holistic comprehension of these cosmic forces can unlock profound insights and guidance. The mastery of both disciplines is considered a great boon in navigating life’s journey.


Unveiling Kosmos Facttor LLP


Kosmos Facttor LLP, established by Sri Lakshmi Narrayan, is a distinguished entity offering coaching and consultation services in Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, and more. With headquarters in Hyderabad, India, this organization was incorporated as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) with the visionary leadership of Founder Partners A Srinivas Rohit and A Sathvika Ramya, under the mentorship of Sri Lakshmi Narrayan himself.


A Multifaceted Approach


Kosmos Facttor LLP is a haven for seekers of knowledge and wisdom. They provide a range of services, including:


  1. Astrology: Harnessing the celestial patterns and positions to offer profound insights into one’s life.


  1. Numerology: Deciphering the mystical language of numbers to unveil hidden truths.


  1. Vastu: Balancing energies in homes, offices, and even temples for harmony and prosperity.


  1. Energy Assessment: Identifying and addressing positive and negative energies affecting agricultural and residential properties.


  1. Remedial Solutions: Offering solutions rooted in traditional shastras to mitigate life’s challenges.


  1. Manpower Services: Providing outsourcing and corporate recruitment services.


A Legacy of Wisdom

Sri Lakshmi Narrayan, a luminary in his own right, possesses over three decades of experience in the world of occult sciences. His journey began at the tender age of 21, and he has since positively impacted countless lives through simple yet effective remedies in accordance with ancient shastras.

Kosmos Facttor LLP conducts consultations with unwavering dedication, and their reach extends both online and offline, ensuring accessibility for a diverse clientele. Their mission is to facilitate transformative changes in individuals’ lives by applying scientific principles to numerology, astrology, vastu, and related disciplines.


A Trailblazer’s Recognition

Sri Lakshmi Narrayan’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with the title “Arjuna” by his Numerology Mentor, a testament to his impact in disseminating knowledge. In 2021, he was conferred with the title “Vastu Acharya” and further recognized as “Jyotish Visharada” and “Nadi Jyotish Visharada” in 2022 by the Indian Council for Astrological Sciences.

To share his wealth of knowledge, Sri Lakshmi Narrayan conducts comprehensive training programs in Numerology and Vastu every three months in Hyderabad, empowering individuals to take charge of their destinies.

Kosmos Facttor LLP stands as a beacon of ancient wisdom, illuminating lives through the profound sciences of the cosmos. In an ever-changing world, their mission remains steadfast – to guide individuals on their unique paths to self-discovery and empowerment.

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