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My character resonates with women’s who are still facing societal norms and challenges says, Swati Sharma from Shemaroo Umang’s ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’

The storyline of Shemaroo Umang’s show ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ and the journey of its lead character Aashi, played by Swati Sharma has captivated the audience’s attention by shedding light on various rituals and traditions related to women’s education, empowerment, and social status. The upcoming storyline will explore yet another ancient tradition that imposed specific rituals on women. Reflecting on historical religious practices in Indian communities, one such tradition mandated that widows shave their heads and adhere to certain rituals following their husbands’ passing.

Expressing her sentiments about the forthcoming narrative, Swati Sharma, embodying Aashi’s character, recognizes the potential for her portrayal to strike a chord with many women in society still enduring such norms. She comments, “Portraying Aashi in ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ has been an enriching journey. With each episode, I’ve felt her anguish and the societal pressure she faces. In the upcoming storyline, Aashi confronts a daunting obstacle – the expectation to shave her head. It’s disheartening that outdated practices like child marriage and Sati persist in some parts of the rural areas today. Despite Aashi’s defiance of such norms, it’s touching to see her resonate with women encountering similar challenges. It’ll be intriguing to witness how Aashi navigates this situation. Will she succumb to the ritual?”

The upcoming episode promises a roller coaster of drama within the show’s narrative. On one hand, Siddharth decides to depart from town after Aashi rejects him, but later changes his mind upon discovering Vinod’s attempt to harm Aashi, ultimately agreeing to marry Geet. On the other hand, as the wedding festivities commence, destiny repeatedly brings Aashi and Siddharth together in various rituals. However, the tension escalates when Siddharth learns about Amrita’s plan to have Aashi’s head shaved as part of a ritual. How will he intervene to protect Aashi from this situation, and will Aashi consent to undergo the ritual?

*To witness Aashi’s journey and how she confronts this new challenge, tune in to ‘Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa’ every Monday to Saturday at 9 PM exclusively on Shemaroo Umang.*

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