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National Award-Winning Filmmaker Satish Pande Discusses His Decision to Back “Bengal 1947” under the banner of COMFED Production

Producer Satish Pande’s Bengal 1947 is based on play Shabri Ka Mohan which received standing ovation in Shanti Niketan

Acclaimed producer Satish Pandey, a two-time national award winner, opens up about his decision to back Akashaditya Lama’s film “Bengal 1947 under the banner of COMFED production.

Directed by Akashaditya Lama and produced by Satish Pande, Rishabh Pande, and Akashaditya Lama, “Bengal 1947” released on March 29th.

Explaining his motivation for backing the film, he states, “When director Akashaditya Lama narrated the subject, it resonated with our production company’s vision. This film stands out from current trends with its positive approach, which is crucial in today’s modern society. As filmmakers, it’s our responsibility to address such subjects that impact society.”

In his words, here’s what makes “Bengal 1947″ a must-watch:”This film is an opportunity to celebrate our country’s culture and connect with our roots. Our history is a valuable asset, and understanding and learning from it are essential.”

Discussing the factors he considers when supporting a project, he shares, “The story’s relevance to contemporary times and its potential to leave a positive impact on the audience are paramount for us. The project should explore the values and beliefs of our culture, allowing the audience to connect with it on a deeper level.”

Adding another layer to the conversation, he reflects on his filmmaking journey, “Over four decades, I’ve witnessed many waves of storytelling and cinema. Each era has been a learning experience for me, and I’m always fascinated by new filmmaking styles. From the shooting techniques used in ‘Hum Log’ to the period drama of ‘Bengal 1947,’ change is the only constant in this industry. However, the core element of connecting with the audience remains unchanged. This is what motivates me to keep striving forward, and ‘Bengal 1947’ is just the beginning.”

Addressing the potential pressure associated with winning national awards when choosing future projects, he clarifies, “Winning two National Awards for my work has been a source of immense pride, not pressure. It’s a significant recognition for me and my team. These awards allow us to take on greater responsibility, acting as a catalyst to keep improving and deliver the best for the audience.”

Looking ahead, he mentions his desire to create content focused on development. “We have a production house named COMFED,” he says, “which has primarily focused on development ideas for the past four decades. Our future content will explore uncharted territories within India.”

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