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Piyali Kar SHARES Her Journey into the World of Audio Series Writing After Leaving a Prominent TV Channel as a Creative Producer

In a world once dominated by TV and movies, a transformation quietly began. The rise of OTT platforms and web series was just the beginning. Soon, a tidal wave of audio series swept in, allowing people to break free from screens and immerse themselves in captivating stories through sound alone. Audio, an age-old entertainment companion, found a dazzling new identity as a medium for engaging storytelling.

But this shift wasn’t limited to entertainment alone. It created a fresh realm of job opportunities, paving the way for individuals like Piyali Kar. With a background in the General Entertainment Channel (GEC) sector, working alongside industry giants like Colors and Voot as a Creative Producer for over five years, Piyali took a remarkable leap of faith. She embarked on a journey of writing with Pocket FM, a global audio series platform leading the charge in reshaping the entertainment landscape through audio narratives.

*Opening up about her big shift, Piyali shared,* “In 2019, I made a big move to Himachal Pradesh. The move was mainly because I had a deep interest in travel and creating unique travel experiences. I realised that the hectic life in Bombay wasn’t what I wanted for the long run. I wasn’t aiming to buy a house there or climb the corporate ladder. Writing was always a part of me since my teenage years. I used to read poetry and write, typical teenage stuff. But as my career took off, writing took a back seat. Creative producing is more about managing creativity, not actually doing the writing itself. So, I initially explored freelance travel writing, but it wasn’t providing the long-term stability I was looking for.”

*She continued,* “Later one of my former colleagues who had joined Pocket FM, introduced me to the platform and offered me an opportunity to write full-time. We had collaborated on different projects before, and he knew it was something I had been wanting to do. So, it all started with the desire to give it a try. I had many doubts because, despite my technical writing background, transitioning to long-format writing was a bit intimidating. Writing 2,000 to 2,400 words every day was a challenge. Long-format and audio writing were completely different from what I was used to. There were multiple challenges, and I often found myself thinking, ‘Can I do this? Do I have what it takes?’

“Fortunately, Pocket FM was willing to take the risk. I submitted a sample episode, and they liked it. Initially, they gave me the space to gradually find my style of writing and how to manage my schedule. This was important for me because I’m also an entrepreneur, and I don’t always have the flexibility to write daily. Instead of a daily goal, I work with monthly writing goals as a writer,” *she concluded.*

Piyali has penned two popular audio series, ‘Maseeha Doctor’ and ‘Judwaon Ne Bana Di Jodi,’ for Pocket FM. These audio series have collectively garnered over eight million listens. At present, she’s in the process of creating her third show, ‘Rabba Ishq Na Hove,’ which is an ongoing series on Pocket FM.

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