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Rainmaker Celebrates International Women’s Day with a Webinar on Empowering Women in Leadership Roles

Mumbai, March 12, 2024: Rainmaker, India’s leading culture and compliance learning solutions company, celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting an All-inclusive webinar on the unique challenges and progress in women’s leadership, today. Titled “Empowering Change: Women in Leadership” the webinar provided a platform for a spirited discussion on hurdles and stereotypes that women encounter in leadership roles, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a positive and resilient mindset for effective leadership.

Led by Antony J Alex, Founder & CEO, Rainmaker, the panel featured distinguished women leaders – Anjali Balagopal, General Counsel at Tata Technologies; Debopama Roy, General Counsel at Airmeet; and Neelima Maniar, Vice President – Operations & Customer Delight.

Sharing his perspective on the topic, Antony J Alex, Founder & CEO of Rainmaker, said, “The aim of this webinar was to understand the unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles and delve deeper into strategies which will help promote fairness and equality in the workplace. The Indian workforce comprises predominantly of men and even with all the progress we’ve made in recent years, women still face discrimination and get stuck in entry-level roles, with many still struggling to obtain and maintain senior-leadership positions. It is estimated that women account for almost half the global workforce, yet only a fraction of these women are in management and leadership positions and even fewer hold top-tier, C-suite level jobs. Although opportunities for women have grown in the workplace in recent times, there’s still a significant gap between male and female employees in management and we must continue striving for greater representation and inclusivity. It was a privilege to host such an esteemed panel of women leaders and hope that the knowledge and insights they shared with us today, will undoubtedly contribute to a meaningful dialogue on the advancement of women in leadership roles.”

The eminent panel shared their personal and professional insights on various aspects of leadership including the delicate balance between professional success and personal fulfilment, discussing strategies to assert oneself confidently while maintaining authenticity and likeability. The conversation also extended to the advocacy for fair and unbiased evaluations of leadership qualities while providing insights and methods to recognize, challenge, and overcome self-doubt.

Anjali Balagopal, General Counsel at Tata Technologies, said, “I am deeply honoured to be part of this esteemed panel of such accomplished women leaders. As a firm believer in the transformative power of diversity and inclusion, I am heartened to share my professional journey and experiences with my audience and fellow leaders. I thank Rainmaker and Antony for providing us with such a platform and I hope that together, we can champion the journey towards greater equality and opportunities for women in leadership roles.”

Debopama Roy, General Counsel at Airmeet, added, “Despite progress made in recent years, female leaders still face unique challenges in the workplace, ranging from systemic biases and cultural expectations, to limited career advancement opportunities and self-doubt. These challenges affect their confidence and hinder their professional growth, making it difficult for them to succeed and advance in their careers. By understanding and addressing these challenges, employers can nurture talent to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture; one that helps women employees reach their full potential.”

Neelima Maniar, Vice President – Operations & Customer Delight, further extrapolated, “Thank you team Rainmaker for having me as a panelist in today’s webinar on “Empowering Change: Women In Leadership” along with such distinguished panelists. It was such an amazing experience to relive and share my personal and professional experiences across several stages of my career. I hope my experiences will facilitate at least a few fellow mates to help take some bold decisions on their life and continue empowering themselves. Happy Women’s Day!”

Dealing with biases against women requires a long-term commitment and a multi-faceted approach. By remaining vigilant of nonconscious biases and behaviours and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, organizations can help break down barriers to create a more level-playing field for women in leadership roles. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, these stereotypes can be dismantled, enabling women to thrive in leadership positions.

About Rainmaker:
Founded in 2016, Rainmaker is India’s leading culture and compliance learning solutions company. Our goal is to transform organizational learning so that teams using our learning solutions can function at the optimum level.

We do this by crafting entertaining, dramatized, and impactful solutions in the form of short films based on real-life scenarios across areas of learning that lead to an organization’s excellence in culture and compliance. Our areas of expertise include PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment), DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), DPP (Data Protection and Privacy), ABAC (Anti Bribery Anti-Corruption), CoC (Code of Conduct), PIT (Prevention of Insider Trading), Leadership Training and other areas of compliance and culture that an organization may require.


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