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RCMH Card Secures Significant Pre-Seed Funding for Groundbreaking Fintech Innovation

In a landmark achievement for RCMH Card (Riddhima Chandan Media House Private Limited), the women-led fintech startup has successfully raised a substantial pre-seed round to propel its groundbreaking vision of providing discounts on final bills to customers. This financial milestone not only marks a significant step forward for RCMH Card but also signifies a leap in innovation within the fintech industry.

Revolutionizing Discounts in Fintech

RCMH Card is not just a fintech startup; it is a trailblazer in redefining how customers experience savings. Breaking the norm, RCMH Card introduces a unique proposition – discounts on final bills, a first-of-its-kind approach in the fintech sector. Customers can now enjoy savings on shopping, restaurant and bar dining, as well as online ordering, all directly applied to their final bills.

The success of RCMH Card’s pre-seed round wouldn’t have been possible without the visionary support of Dr. Shweta Singh, is a serial entrepreneur leading the industry from past 10 years. She is an incredible founder of Ennoble IP, She Real, and WIEF who was awarded by Economics Times, Times 40, Top 40 under 40 and many other  who believed in the startup’s innovative vision and invested in its future. Dr. Singh’s trust has not only provided financial backing but has also endorsed the transformative potential of RCMH Card within the fintech landscape.

Ms. Riddhima and Mr. Chandan, the founders of RCMH Card, express their deepest gratitude to Dr. Singh, acknowledging her instrumental role in fueling their mission to redefine how discounts are provided in the financial realm.

Customer Trust and Pre-Orders Surpass Expectations

The journey to success for RCMH Card is incomplete without acknowledging the trust and support received from its customers. Believing in the vision of accessible discounts without financial strain, customers have shown overwhelming support. The startup is delighted to announce that it has already received a pre-order of an impressive 88,976 cards, a testament to the resonance of their innovative approach with the public.

Looking Ahead: A Future Redefined

With the pre-seed round secured and customer anticipation at an all-time high, RCMH Card is poised to redefine the fintech landscape. The startup’s commitment to financial empowerment, coupled with the support of Dr. Shweta Singh and the trust of its customers, sets the stage for a future where discounts are not just a perk but a fundamental aspect of financial transactions.

As RCMH Card paves the way for a new era in fintech, the success of its pre-seed funding is not just a celebration for the startup but a testament to the collective belief in innovation, empowerment, and a future where financial benefits are accessible to all.  

Join this revolutionary movement with RCMH 

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