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Republic Day 2024: Director Abhishek Sinha says ‘wish use storytelling to make people aware of the true meaning of patriotism’

As Republic Day approaches, director Abhishek Sinha, known for his debut film “Tumse Na Ho Payega,” featuring Ishwak Singh, Mahima Makwana, Gaurav Pandey, Gurpreet Saini, and Karan Jotwani, has shared his thoughts on the patriotic spirit. From his favourite patriotic films and series to his dream project that goes beyond traditional narratives, Abhishek Sinha unveiled his perspective on patriotism, emphasising the genuine love for the country in his creative endeavours.

*How do you plan to celebrate Republic Day in your own way, and are there any special traditions or activities you’re excited about?*

On Republic Day, I typically spend my morning watching the Republic Day Parade on TV. I also treat myself to a special breakfast that includes Jalebi and Samosa, bringing back memories of the school days. This ritual of watching the parade and enjoying breakfast has become a tradition for me.

*In Bollywood movies over the years, do you think they have captured the spirit of Republic Day well? What’s your take on how they’ve portrayed and justified the patriotic theme?*

In Bollywood, we’ve often come across themes centred around patriotism, not necessarily tied to Republic Day. It would be good to have films that educate people about laws, rights, and provide a deeper understanding of our constitution. Recently, I think ‘Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai,’ starring Manoj Bajpayee, managed to do that effectively.

*What’s your favourite patriotic film or series, and what makes it special to you?*

I have a special fondness for films like Border, Lagaan, Chak de India, Rang De Basanti, and Swades. Each of them has resonated with me in different ways, whether it’s the gripping storyline, powerful performances, or the emotional connection to the patriotic theme. In terms of web series, I thoroughly enjoyed The Family Man and Rocket Boys for their compelling narratives and character development.

*Being new to directing, do you have any thoughts about exploring themes of patriotism or national pride in your future projects, even if they’re not specifically about Republic Day?*

I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’d love to tell a story that reflects the spirit of patriotism or highlights an unsung hero.

*If you decide to direct a patriotic film or series, what important elements will you consider, and are there any actors or actresses you’d like to have in the project?*

As a filmmaker, I see it as a significant responsibility to consider themes of patriotism and national pride. I believe there is a need to go beyond the traditional narratives focused on national heroes and explore the stories of unsung heroes who quietly contribute to the country in their own ways. While we frequently witness films depicting larger-than-life national heroes, there is a crucial aspect missing—the acknowledgment of those who serve their country with dedication in their everyday roles. It is often said, ‘All Heroes Don’t Wear Capes,’ and these unsung heroes deserve their due recognition.

If I were to create a film or series on this subject, my focus would be on celebrating the relationship between the characters and their genuine love for the country. I wish to use storytelling as a means to make people aware of the true meaning of patriotism, emphasising that it goes beyond mere heroism or jingoism.

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