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The internet abuzz with “Be like Pawan” memes – who is Pawan?

Mumbai November 17, 2023: The internet has gone wild over a new trend: ‘Be like Pawan.’ It all began when a fan was spotted holding a placard at the India vs New Zealand World Cup semi final match saying “They won coz they knew how to be like Pawan. #BelikePawan.” This left the internet wondering who Pawan is and how he helped the team win.

Soon after this, netizens started sharing their versions of ‘Be like Pawan’ jokes and posts. Job ads were in search of an ideal candidate like ‘Pawan,’ whereas the landlords hoped for tenants like ‘Pawan.’ A woman even posted a matrimonial ad in search of her life-partner saying that she wanted a groom like Pawan.
While everyone talked about Pawan, nobody really knew who Pawan was. This made the audience even more curious and netizens took to their Instagram to ask “Who’s Pawan, really?,” “Where can we find someone like Pawan?”
The mystery was unveiled when Amazon miniTV released the trailer of its latest sports drama show – ‘Slum Golf,’ revealing that he’s a character from the show. The revelation has ignited anticipation and excitement amongst the audience for the series. Through this series, viewers will witness the incredible journey of Pawan Nagre, a young man from the slums of Mumbai who dares to defy societal norms by pursuing his passion for golf—a sport often associated with privileged and elites. Amazon miniTV’s strategic marketing approach has not only stirred curiosity but has also set the stage for audiences to immerse themselves in the story of Pawan, portrayed by Mayur More.

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