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TIGP founded by Dr. Akshata & Dr. Swaroop trains Overseas Candidate Ashima Suri to  represent Canada in Ms. International World 2023

In the glittering realm of International Pageantry, a fresh face shines brightly, captivating the hearts of many with her grace, charisma, and unwavering dedication. It’s Ashima Suri, the reigning Ms. International World Canada 2023, who is not just a beauty queen, but a multifaceted jewel, representing the Indo-Canadian heritage as she derives her training and guidance from The International Glamour Project popularly known as TIGP, founded by Dr. Akshata Prabhu and Dr. Swaroop Puranik, the dynamic duo who possess the key training ingredient for success in International Pageants. Her journey from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the scenic landscapes of Canada is a testament to her indomitable spirit and her determination to make history. Ashima is more than just a pretty face; she is an award-winning jewellery designer, a compassionate teacher to autistic children, and an advocate for self-love among women. Ashima Suri’s story is one of transformation and empowerment, embodying the message of self-love. Her journey from India to Canada represents the fusion of two rich and diverse cultures, and she beautifully encapsulates the spirit of unity in diversity making her a global citizen.

Ashima is also a mother to two teenagers and is ecstatic about sharing her fitness journey. Her children have been her biggest cheerleaders.

What truly sets her apart is her powerful presence and her ability to inspire. She is a captivating speaker, her words resonating with the hearts of many, offering motivation and empowerment. Her advocacy for self-love is a message that resonates with women worldwide, reminding them that they are strong, beautiful, and capable of achieving greatness.

In a monumental stride, Ashima recently graced the runways of Paris Fashion Week in September 2023. Walking for two shows in her first Runway attempt, ie for TIGP®️ Couture & Fashion and London-based designer Mitch Desunia, she left an indelible mark. Her poise, elegance, and sheer star power lit up the runways of one of the world’s most prestigious fashion events, cementing her status as a global fashion icon. Yet, amidst her relentless pursuit of excellence in her professional life, Ashima remains a loving mother. Her journey is underpinned by the unwavering support of her devoted husband, who has been her pillar of strength and encouragement. His love and solidarity has empowered her to reach for the stars, and together, they have embarked on a journey to make history by winning the crown.

As Ashima Suri steps onto the global stage as Ms. International World Canada 2023, she carries with her the dreams and aspirations of a nation that has never clinched the prestigious International Crown & Title. With determination in her heart and grace in her stride, she is poised to create history and make Canada proud. Her incredible reach on social media is a testament to the immense admiration and love she garners from a global audience.

As she aims to make history at Ms. International World 2023, Indo-Canadians will be rooting for her to accomplish this extraordinary feat.

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