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Urolift is Revolutionizing Prostate Enlargement Treatment: Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU)

Hyderabad, November 20th 2023: With the innovative Urolift procedure, prostate enlargement, a prevalent concern among men aged 50 and above, has found an efficient solution, said Dr C. Mallikarjuna, Chief Urologist and Managing Director of   Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU), Hyderabad. Traditionally, prostatectomy has been the primary treatment, involving the removal of the enlarged prostate. However, Urolift distinguishes itself by not necessitating the cutting of the prostate, making it an appealing option for patients, particularly the elderly with comorbidities.

In a recent study concluded by AINU, renowned urologist, Dr. C. Mallikarjuna, the Managing Director and Chief Urologist, tested the Urolift procedure on 20 patients, yielding highly promising results. Patients, previously on catheters reported normal urination post-Urolift, demonstrating its efficacy in improving quality of life.

Dr. Mallikarjuna highlighted the significance of Urolift, emphasizing its ability to address urinary issues without the drawbacks associated with traditional surgeries. He stated, “The Urolift procedure provides a major benefit for patients, especially the elderly, allowing them to pass urine normally without the side effects seen in traditional prostatectomy.”

The procedure is particularly advantageous for individuals with heart conditions. Unlike traditional surgery, where anticoagulants need to be halted for weeks, putting cardiac patients at risk, Urolift allows for a brief pause, minimizing potential complications.

The Urolift procedure, widely researched and adopted in countries like the United States and England, is performed with local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, offering a less invasive alternative. Dr. C. Mallikarjuna emphasized, “Urolift is a game-changer, providing a safer and more effective solution for patients with prostate enlargement, especially those with existing health concerns.”

While Urolift presents a promising alternative, it is crucial to note its suitability is case-specific. The procedure is recommended for patients experiencing urination problems or those with comorbidities, albeit with a slightly higher cost compared to traditional surgery.

The successful outcomes from the AINU study underscore the potential of Urolift to revolutionize prostate enlargement treatment. With further research and potential cost reductions, Urolift could emerge as a widely accessible and preferred option for patients facing this common health challenge.

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