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Yuva Unstoppable School Transformation Programme Revitalising schools across Mumbai

Principal Anjali Iyer of DAV High School in Malad, Mumbai, has been leading the charge to combat declining student retention rates, which have plagued the institution in recent years. Despite challenges such as shifting parental aspirations and migration trends, Iyer remains steadfast in her commitment to maintaining the school’s educational standards.

Established in 1953 as a Marathi medium school, DAV High School has witnessed a significant decline in enrolment, with student numbers dwindling from an average of 1500 to close to 200 over the past decade. However, under Iyer’s leadership, efforts to enhance the school’s infrastructure and create an engaging learning environment have yielded promising results.

In 2019, the school received vital support from Amitabh Shah founded Yuva Unstoppable through their School Transformation Programme. The initiative aimed to address key issues such as hygiene, sanitation, and overall improvement of the school’s physical appearance. With the provision of hygienic facilities, including separate drinking and dishwashing areas, as well as educational paintings adorning the walls, parents began to reconsider their decisions about transferring their children to other schools.

“Our collaboration with Amitabh Shah and Yuva Unstoppable has been instrumental in transforming the school environment,” says Principal Anjali Iyer. “The improvements made possible through the programme have not only enhanced the physical infrastructure but have also contributed to a more vibrant and conducive learning atmosphere.”


In addition to facility upgrades, Yuva Unstoppable facilitated the setup of a digital classroom equipped with technology and instructional materials, marking a significant milestone for DAV High School. “For the first time, our school had access to digital resources and an instructor dedicated to enhancing the learning experience,” remarks Iyer. The provision of 50 tablets further enriched students’ educational journey, fostering tech-savviness and enthusiasm for learning.

Anjali Iyer’s unwavering dedication to education spans over three decades, during which she has inspired countless students and colleagues alike. Her passion for teaching and commitment to nurturing young minds have been pivotal in driving positive change within the school community. Reflecting on the partnership with Yuva Unstoppable, Principal Iyer expresses gratitude for the organization’s unwavering support. “Yuva Unstoppable has been a beacon of hope for us, providing assistance and guidance without any expectations,” she says. “Their proactive approach to addressing our needs has been truly commendable.”

Amitabh Shah, Founder of Yuva Unstoppable, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to ensuring that no school is left behind due to lack of resources. “Our vision for the School Transformation Programme is to empower schools with the necessary tools and facilities to create a conducive learning environment for all students,” says Shah. “Through collaborative efforts, we aim to realize this dream and unlock the full potential of every child.”

Yuva Unstoppable is an India & US registered non-profit which has worked in over 6000 schools and reached 6 million underprivileged beneficiaries across 41 cities of India through its various programmes in partnership with CSR Foundations, trust and individuals.


Brief video of how Amitabh Shah and Yuva Unstoppable empowers 6M vulnerable beneficiaries including 6000 schools with improved sanitation, water, solar, sports infra, access to technology, scholarships, nutrition, removing vaccine hesitancy amongst others with 100 CSR Partners like HDFC, SBI Cards, Disney, 3M, Exide, Zerodha, Bill Gates Foundation, Lenovo, Unilever, Adani, EY, Korn Ferry, Google, Finolex, HP, Bank of America amongst others:


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