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An Unexpected Twist of Fate: Alisshaa’s Role in Nawazuddin’s Starrer Hinged on This Documentary

As we pondered the wonders of the universe and the serendipitous meeting of director Rasikh Khan with Alisshaa Ohri, offering her a pivotal role in his movie, there came a significant twist that left us in awe!

Recently, Rasikh Khan revealed that he chose Alisshaa for his film not just based on her audition but also because of her powerful documentary film and an incredible initiative, Shakti. He was impressed by her natural and progressive woman-centric role, which matched one of the profiles of characters in his upcoming movie.

It all started during the COVID-19 pandemic when Alisshaa learned about the ‘Nata-pratha,’ which sparked outrage among her. As the lockdown lifted, she ran to the village to understand this issue better and provide better lives for such women.

Alisshaa filmed a documentary where she showcased the reality of the interiors of Rajasthan, where women face discrimination due to masculinity. She approached rural women and had one-on-one conversations about the ‘Nata-pratha,’ a traditional custom for married women who lost their husbands untimely and became widows. With ‘Nata-pratha,’ society gives widows the right to remarry in exchange for money. On paper, it may sound good and progressive, but when Alisshaa went to remote areas and did ground research, she found that it was entirely the opposite.

This avant-garde custom gave men the licence to have extramarital relationships. Men can easily walk out of the marriage and sell their wives in exchange for money. In some cases, the father of the woman forcibly gets her married many times to earn money. They abuse, hit, and kill women if they refrain from their decisions! The child born does not get his father’s name, and the woman is compelled to abandon her child against her will. Women in such remote areas go through a lot of distress.

Alisshaa’s heart shattered upon learning of a man attempting to sell his wife for money. She knew swift action was necessary to save the woman’s life; she rose to the challenge. “Every tear matters to me, and I couldn’t let this wickedness go unchallenged,” said Alisshaa. To prevent other women from falling prey to such marriages, she launched the digital platform ‘Shakti,’ with the empowering tagline ‘the inner strength of women to combat evil.’

In a world where women are still fighting for their rights, the Shakti initiative serves as a beacon of hope for those women who have faced victimisation.

Alisshaa’s documentary film touched the hearts of many, including Rasikh Khan, who felt moved by her passion and dedication to helping others. As the adage goes, “Do good unto others without expectation of reward, and it shall come back to you in unexpected ways,” Alisshaa’s example proves this to be true. We can’t wait to see her on the big screen, where we know she will shine and inspire others with her incredible talent and unwavering spirit.

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