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Ariel India launches Special Edition #ShareTheLoad Packs

Mumbai, April 26th, 2022- Recently, Ariel India has launched limited-edition Name-Change packs for the Matic Detergent Powder range. These special packs are customized with some of the most common Indian male names. By leveraging the packs as yet another way of driving conversations in society, and within households, Ariel India is aiming to address the inequality in the division of household chores like laundry which are historically considered a woman’s job.

This is the first time ever that a detergent brand has dared to remove its name from the pack altogether, for the cause of equality. This special range replaces Ariel’s brand name on the Matic Powder carton packs with hundreds of common Indian men’s names, along with a message to #ShareTheLoad.

These packs can either be given to those men who are already leading by example and taking up joint responsibility of chores, or it can be brought into households where it can become a conversation starter to pave the way for more equal division of household chores. These packs also take the conversation forward that was started by comedian Anu Menon aka Lola Kutty where she suggested changing her name from Anu to Anil, her husband’s best friend’s name, in an attempt to create awareness and get men to see her and all women as equals. And when women are seen as equals, the path is instinctively created for more equal division of household chores.

The customized name change pack is nothing less than revolutionary. Keeping intact the theme of #ShareTheLoad season 5 – See Equal, the packs are likely to encourage more and more men to take up household chores like laundry. This is possible when they see their wife as their equal and Share The Load.

Ariel also conducted a mall activation in Mumbai recently where they invited men to undergo a quick 4-step laundry lesson from Ariel’s School-of-Laundry and also played an exciting game to find out if men have the required LIQ, that is, the Laundry Intelligence Quotient to #ShareTheLoad. The participants who passed the LIQ won the customized Ariel packs with their names on it. Ariel’s special edition #ShareTheLoad packs is all about giving men yet another reason to start sharing the load and take the first step towards it! Ariel is reminding families that true equality is only reflected when domestic chores are shared. Because when we SEE EQUAL, we SHARE THE LOAD!

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