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Changing the face of retail investments in India with a zero commission model

Mumbai: 24th November 2023: Shoonya, a part of the Finvasia group, was set up by sibling duo Sarvjeet Virk and Tajinder Virk in 2009. Revolutionizing trading for people in the country since its inception, the ethical and integrated platform focuses on the democratization of the capital markets by enabling traders with near-zero cost solutions and deploying advanced technologies. A pioneer in the Indian trading landscape, with customers at the heart of its operations, Shoonya has generated a positive impact by creating a new broking category of True Zero Brokerage.


Shoonya’s unique True Zero Brokerage model eliminates brokerage fees and other service charges like account opening and clearing charges. The Fintech company offers ‘zero charges’ across 16 services, making it a true zero brokerage platform. It makes investing and trading affordable for the masses; it doesn’t matter if they are experienced traders or beginners. The unique approach has led to the significant growth of the platform and encouraged more people to join the capital markets with accessible and affordable trading platforms.


With the introduction of AI-powered analytical tools, Shoonya is addressing customer pain points. For instance, AI-powered trading tools help users save time spent on research and make informed decisions. The tools can predict market movements, which optimizes their portfolio’s performance along with helping them manage risk and exposure. One such tool offered by Shoonya is I Know First. The association reflects Shoonya’s unwavering commitment to advancing the Indian trading landscape through innovation and technology.

The AI-powered I Know First provides insights derived from the historical data of 1500 Indian stocks. The Colour-Coded Signals, Instant Heatmaps, Wave Trend Prediction, and Performance Signals provide a sophisticated market analysis that is easy to understand for traders and investors. With this technology, Indian traders have easy access to capital market analysis, whereas traditionally, only institutional investors, hedge funds or seasoned professionals with resources could access such insights.

While Shoonya has been disrupting the traditional brokerage industry with True Zero Brokerage model, it has faced several challenges. Starting from a Tier-2 city like Chandigarh, the company founders Sarvjeet Virk and Tajinder Virk had to overcome many roadblocks, especially in hiring resources in a small city. But both the brothers have remained consistent in their efforts to make their dream of a seamless trading platform a reality.

Shoonya is committed to prioritizing customers and constantly works to deliver the best trading experience on its platform. As early adopters of advanced AI models, which have been instrumental in addressing the challenges traders face, Shoonya believes that these smart tools not only save time on research but also enhance decision-making abilities and simplify actions with a single click. Its goal is to empower traders with these robust AI tools, ensuring they receive the highest quality trading experience possible.

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