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EaseMyTrip and CzechTourism collaborates to promote tourism in the country

Mumbai, September 04, 2023:, India’s leading online travel tech platform, is proud to unveil a transformative co-op campaign in partnership with CzechTourism. This dynamic collaboration aims at redefining the boundaries of luxury travel experiences while illuminating the captivating landscapes and cultural treasures of the Czechia.
Set to launch today, this immersive campaign will span an exhilarating six-month period, ushering in a new era of exploration that seamlessly marries leisure and tradition. The central objective of this partnership is to unravel a new chapter in travel, one that celebrates the Czechia’s rich exhibition of traditions, captivating landscapes, and historical marvels. The partnership would not only introduce travelers to the captivating cultural heritage of the Czechia but also ignite a sense of curiosity and adventure within them, inspiring them to embark on unforgettable journeys.

This groundbreaking campaign unfolds as a symphony of collaboration, intertwining the expert knowledge of EaseMyTrip with the rich heritage of CzechTourism. The harmonious duo will work tirelessly to paint a comprehensive tapestry of destination awareness while also deepening travellers’ understanding of the diverse offerings that await in the Czechia.

“We embark on this journey with great enthusiasm together with CzechTourism,” expressed Mr. Nishant Pitti, CEO & Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip. “Our shared vision is to showcase the Czechia as a treasure trove of tradition and authenticity, offering travelers the chance to immerse themselves in the country’s rich heritage. This campaign beautifully encapsulates our commitment to providing our customers with experiences that go beyond the ordinary.”
Mr. František Reismüller, Director of Marketing and Foreign Offices, said, ‘’CzechTourism is resuming its activities in India after a brief pause. CzechTourism aims to wholeheartedly promote and create awareness about the destination to its Indian audience. Their main priority is to introduce a direct flight from India to Prague, ensuring quick access to the city. Czechia is a stunning place, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Indian travelers to explore the heart of Europe.’’
Over the next six months, travelers can look forward to a series of captivating narratives, revealing the untold stories and cultural treasures of the country. Through this collaborative endeavor, EaseMyTrip and CzechTourism aspire to redefine travel, elevate destination awareness, and foster a lasting connection between travelers and the cultural fabric of the Czechia.

As the campaign unfolds, travellers can anticipate a cascade of exclusive offers, eloquent narratives, and enlightening stories that together form a vivid tapestry of the Czechia’s allure. Through this collaborative endeavour, EaseMyTrip and CzechTourism aspire to redefine luxury travel, elevate destination awareness, and craft enduring memories.
For further details and to immerse yourself in the captivating range of luxury travel packages, please visit EaseMyTrip’s official website ( or get in touch with their dedicated customer support team.

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