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Egg freezing revolutionized: EPIA’s new clinic gives women the power to pause biological clock

India, March 19, 2024: EPIA, a pioneering women’s healthcare early-age startup, proudly introduces its first fertility and wellness clinic in the heart of New Delhi. Its patient-centric clinic underscores EPIA’s commitment to providing comprehensive reproductive health solutions through state-of-the-art facilities and unique services. The clinic offers affordable egg-freezing facilities utilizing cutting-edge techniques and FDA-approved drugs. It enables fertility preservation for women who decide their motherhood timing on their terms. EPIA also provides fertility treatments, gynecological care, wellness support, and a holistic approach to women’s health.

The clinic is headed by Dr Rita Bakshi, a renowned fertility specialist, having over 35 years of experience and an impressive success rate in successfully providing treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI & Egg Donation. Offering groundbreaking services, she is supported by a team of junior doctors who specialize in gynecology and IVF, each with 15+ years of expertise in their respective fields.  A standout offering is the Egg Check service which can be taken from the comfort of home. Through this test, women can gain insights into their current hormone levels and the data’s implications for their fertility health. It also informs them about the ideal time to plan for a baby, and provides treatment and supplement recommendations to address any underlying conditions.

The clinic utilizes advanced algorithms based on data from thousands of Indian women to offer accurate live births and quality predictions in their Egg Quality Report, post the egg-freezing cycle. Its state-of-the-art cryopreservation facilities with new dry storage barrels, 24-hour monitoring, and a stable environment ensure optimal egg preservation conditions.

The clinic prioritizes affordability with total cost treatment packages up to just INR 2 lakhs, along with complimentary services like 30-minute consultations, lifestyle recommendations for hormonal imbalances or sexual health issues, and comprehensive video guides addressing common concerns. At Epia, patient comfort is paramount, with seamless experiences like painless injections and select at-home administration anticipated. It aims to create awareness through community events and corporate workshops in Delhi.

Sharing her views on the milestone, Sakshi Bakshi, the Director of Epia said, “We are happy to bring EPIA’s vision to life with the opening of our first fertility and wellness clinic in New Delhi. Our goal is to empower women by spreading awareness about fertility and providing accessible and affordable solutions. It reflects our commitment to making egg preservation accessible and affordable and supporting women in their journey towards parenthood through cutting-edge technology and personalized care.”EPIA’s clinic located in the heart of New Delhi at G-36 F.F Green Park Main is committed to patient-centric care that extends beyond treatment, with initiatives such as painless injections and at-home administration, to ensure a seamless experience. It also plans to engage with the local community through events and workshops to raise awareness about egg freezing and reproductive health. With a focus on empowerment and innovation, EPIA is poised to transform women’s healthcare in India and beyond.

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