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Empowering Insurance Agents: Chetan Mali’s Tech-Driven Journey with InsuranceDekho

Mumbai, 16 September 2023: InsuranceDekho (ID), a leading InsurTech company in India, is democratizing the insurance segment by simplifying the insurance buying and claiming process. Besides revolutionizing the insurance sector, ID is also generating an array of opportunities for its agent partners through its full-stack digital platform. This is the story of Chetan Mali, a businessman from Ambernath in Maharashtra, who believed in the power of technology and innovation in an industry deeply rooted in tradition.

Chetan Mali’s story mirrors the ethos of InsuranceDekho – a fusion of tradition and technology. In an industry traditionally characterized by mundane procedures and elaborate paperwork, Chetan dared to embrace the change that the insurance industry is undergoing. With an impressive 18-year legacy in the insurance sector, Chetan followed in his father’s footsteps and embarked on a career in insurance. He initially specialized in life insurance and subsequently explored vehicle and medical insurance. His father’s robust client base provided a solid foundation, allowing Chetan to not only capitalize on existing relationships and scale his business.

As the insurance landscape evolved with the advent of private players and digitization, Chetan found himself at a crossroads. Insurance had transitioned from manual and time-consuming processes to lightning-fast transactions. Amidst this transformation, he discovered the InsuranceDekho which offered renewed impetus to his career, providing him with an abundance of opportunities.

Chetan has been associated with InsuranceDekho for 3 years, and his relationship manager guided him in his journey. The platform empowered Chetan to compare policies from 10 different companies and opt for the best policies with optimal benefits and lower premiums. What used to take days can now be achieved within an hour, from payment to policy issuance. Even the once-complex underwriting process has been streamlined and simplified. This innovative platform brought efficiency and seamlessness to the forefront of Chetan’s interactions with his customers.

In his words, “InsuranceDekho not just offered me financial stability, it also gave me the luxury of free time. The platform is extremely supportive of its agent partners. The quick service, efficient pay hours, and robust support system have not only elevated my professional journey but have also given me a sense of security and confidence. With continuous feedback and guidance, my income has increased and I have managed to invest in a home and car. In a world where everything is happening digitally, I can now focus on my family without compromising on my professional responsibilities.”

He further added, “I would like to continue working with InsuranceDekho in the near future. The features of ID, which include fast generation of policy and a quick claiming process, have helped me cater to my customers in a more efficient manner. This efficiency enhances my credibility and fosters a sense of reliability and trust among my clients.”

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