FarmERP on How AgriTech is Facilitating Stakeholder Management for the Agricultural Industry. – Adarsh Maharashtra


Managing and engaging stakeholders across the entire supply chain of the agriculture industry is emerging as a crucial factor, equally for farmers as well as packers and distributors. Active participants in the agricultural supply chain are voicing their need for farm management systems that can successfully implement a stakeholder management protocol. With the agricultural industry rapidly moving towards smart technological integration across most of its value chain, the implementation of techdriven stakeholder management tools in various farm management systems is expected to emerge as a popular trend in the industry. Several challenges such as climate chang e, high food quality standards, and an increasing need for making agriculture sustainable, are making supply chain management a taxing process for the entire agriculture landscape. Most stakeholders are resorting to technologically advanced tools, such as farm management software, to deal with these problems. However, there is one more factor that is creating an additional challenge for the agricultural industry, which is stakeholder management. With the recent advancements in technologies, various farm ma nagement systems have come into existence that can enable growers, farmers, as well as exporters to implement stakeholder management frameworks. Such features in farm management systems are mainly focused on meeting the needs of endusers, to prioritize st akeholders throughout the supply chain and to help make important decisions related to investments and incentives. Various other industries are taking the help of high for processes that do not influence business tech tools for transactions and decisions directly, such as stakeholder management. We now witness leading agribusinesses, especially in the fresh fruits & vegetable space, jumping onto the bandwagon. This is triggering various AgriTech engineers to introduce stakeholder management tools in their farm management software for fresh fruit & vegetable businesses, which can enable endusers to make more informed business decisions in the agricultural industry. With the help of FarmERP, a large number of agribusinesses have successfully implemented st akeholder management as well as customer relationship management protocols to bolster their productivity and profitability. Through its stateoftheart technological features, FarmERP is emerging as an increasingly trusted farm management platform for sta keholders in the entire supply chain in the agricultural industry and fresh fruit & vegetable landscape. Linking Stakeholder Management to Smart and Climateresilient Agriculture: The agricultural supply chain involves many stakeholders apart from farmer s, packers, and distributors such as supermarkets and grocery stores. Various other key stakeholders such as agricultural research organizations, financial institutions, governmental agriculture


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