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Festivals bring forth the chance to indulge in arrays of decadent food and warm meals with our families and loved ones. Eating good food with your favorite is a form of love language. Taking care of our health and stay well and fit is also a love language and it is easy to sway during the festivals. Not to worry, for there are ways to eat your favourite food and stay healthy!

Adithya Iyer, Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Expert based in Mumbai says, “I always advise my clients to eat right and follow a healthy lifestyle. However, during the festive season, we tend to consume excessive calories resulting in health consequences. While this is common, we can still avoid it and enjoy delicious festive food. I recommend using a healthier substitute and consuming more fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. Equally important is the way we consume foods, like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, eggs, oatmeal, etc. I wash my fruits and vegetables with a 100%* natural action fruit and vegetable wash like ITC Nimwash, which helps get rid of germs from my food and easily saves me a ton of time.”

Sharing with you tips that can make snacking and eating food this festive season less unhealthy and more beneficial for your body.

Make sweets at home – Sweets are essential to Indian celebrations. The problem is that most Mithais, or sweets, are manufactured in stores and are high in sugar, fat, refined flour, and colour. This year, instead of buying sweets from the store, make your own at home with high-quality ingredients and healthier alternatives. When cooking sweets at home, you have more control over the amount of sugar and fat utilised. This allows you to enjoy sweets guilt-free.

Pick healthier alternatives – If you eat a balanced diet, you don’t have to give up your favourite desserts and snacks. You can still indulge in festive delicacies, provided you use a healthy alternative and eat in moderation. All that is required is a little substitution. For instance, use honey or jaggery for sugar. Replace the harmful maids in your recipe with healthy flour like whole wheat or ragi.

Eat a salad and fruit with each meal – A good, fresh vegetable salad may be a great way to balance your calorie intake, stop overeating, and increase feelings of fullness. Fresh fruits and vegetables in a bowl of salad are a fantastic source of fibre and beneficial minerals. All you must do is wash them before you consume them with a natural fruit and vegetable wash like ITC Nimwash.

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