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With all of the celebrations, it’s time to get into the spirit, and what better way to do so than by donning an apron and making some mouth-watering traditional delicacies? Cooking sweets and snacks is at the heart of our Indian festivities. Although, whilst cooking during this time is enjoyable, the aftermath of washing utensils and crockery may be exhausting. We look forward to the hearty meals and delicacies with excitement but the post-meal cleaning, washing and tidying up not so much!
Lynn Almeida, a self-taught Baker and Home Chef from Mumbai says, “The festive season brings us so much joy, and I eagerly anticipate each event with my family. We clean our homes before commencing any celebration, put on new clothes, make cherished family recipes passed down through generations, and enjoy delicious and mouth-watering sweets that everyone looks forward to. Our kitchen evolves into a creative and affectionate hub, where we stir, sauté, and season a variety of recipes that serve as the glue that holds our family together. After the festivities are over, washing all of the kitchenware may appear to be an impossible task. However, to make sure that my utensils are cleaned effortlessly, I use ITC Nimeasy dish wash liquid gel as its enzyme technology removes stubborn food stains and grease easily. Infused with neem extracts, ITC Nimeasy is the perfect solution to make festive dishwashing effortless.”

Listed below are a few tricks that will make festive cooking more fun:

• Meal plans & preps – Meal planning every week allows you to enjoy a stress-free cooking experience during the festive season. Indian meals, in particular, require a long time to prepare, so prior planning will assist in saving time and effort. Planning will help you to evenly distribute your meal portions and end each meal with a different reward. This will also keep you motivated and excited to cook something unique for your family regularly.
• Clean As You Go – Washing utensils is not the most exciting task to do post-cooking, be it during festive time or otherwise. However, instead of letting dishes pile over in the sink, wash them up as you are cooking in different dishes. Cleaning up spills and leftovers immediately will save you the hassle of other festival tasks.
• Use the Right Dishwashing Liquid – When you are cooking, it is critical to use the proper cleaning supplies, particularly your dishwashing liquid. For generations, Neem has been used as a potent disinfectant and an excellent ingredient for cleaning products across the country. ITC’s Nimeasy dishwash liquid gel, with enzyme technology, removes grime, oil and germs from your dishes easily, leaving them clean and smelling naturally of Neem.
• Prepping Smart – Some helpful cooking suggestions include reusing take-out containers, coating casseroles and other containers with aluminium foil, and pre-dicing and mincing vegetables and herbs so that all you have to do is toss them into the pan.
• Get The Family and Friends to Help – Spending time with your family and loved ones can also become more fruitful if you cook and do dishes together. After a hearty meal, suggest that they all divide the tasks and help with cleaning, drying, and arranging dishes.
With these easy tricks, your festive cooking as well as cleaning with become super convenient and fun.

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