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Is your Fresh Produce actually clean? ITC Nimwash: A Must-Have vegetable and fruit wash for your home

As we strive towards a healthier lifestyle, fresh produce has become an essential part of our diet. However, consuming fruits and vegetables without proper cleaning can expose us to harmful pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants. To ensure the safety of your fresh produce, incorporating a fruit and vegetable wash into your routine is a crucial step.


Many commercially grown fruits and vegetables are treated with pesticides to protect them from pests and diseases. These chemicals can remain on the produce, posing potential health risks when consumed. By washing your fruits and vegetables with a wash, you can reduce pesticide residues and provide a safer option for consumption.

Fresh produce passes through various hands and environments. Cleaning produce before consumption removes these impurities, ensuring a cleaner and safer eating experience.


Home chef, Fateema Tambawala quotes, “As a home chef, the satisfaction of creating not just delicious but also safe and wholesome meals is paramount. I use ITC Nimwash which has elevated my culinary journey, ensuring that every dish I prepare is a testament to health-conscious cooking. Nimwash with its 100% natural action*, ensures the effective removal of pesticides and eliminates 99.9% of germs^ from the fruits and vegetables that grace my kitchen. The convenience of using Nimwash has seamlessly integrated into my daily routine. With just a few simple steps, I can be confident that I am providing my family with fresh and healthy food every day, free from harmful residues. Nimwash has turned a routine task into a mindful gesture towards the well-being of my loved ones.”


Maintaining the safety of fresh produce is essential for a healthy and well-balanced diet. By incorporating a reliable and fruit and vegetable wash into your routine, you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of your favorite fruits and vegetables while minimizing the risk of harmful contaminants. Take the extra step to ensure the safety of your produce and prioritize your well-being through a cleaner and healthier eating experience.


*From surfaces of vegetables and fruits

# “How to use” on pack. For use only on raw fruits and vegetables.

Read “Caution” on pack.

^100% natural action means anti-microbial action, basis lab study.

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