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Dr Trust ECG Pen enables cardiovascular surveillance from home settings for comprehensive care, helps identify cardiovascular disease with USFDA-validated clinical precision in real time through patented sensor technology
• Equipped with a fully integrated end-to-end system which closes the patient-physician loop, the device empowers patients to track their readings on smart phone and share them with their doctor, along with live ECG reports, anytime from anywhere

Mumbai, December 13, 2019: In sync with the rapidly evolving global healthcare scenario, Dr Trust, a leading name in the home health-tech space, is driving the case for far-reaching adoption of effective and affordable cardiovascular telemedicine solutions powered by the advantages of Internet of Things (IoT) through its Dr Trust ECG Pen home monitoring device.
Powered by a patented sensor technology, Dr Trust ECG Pen can connect cardiovascular surveillance from home settings to physicians for continued and comprehensive care, thus facilitating timely medical intervention in urgent situations. The device enables the detection of common aberrations in cardiovascular rhythm like atrial fibrillation and even third-degree heart blocks which can remain clinically silent for years.
Explaining how Dr Trust ECG Pen is leveraging the benefits of telemedicine and IoT, Mr Saurabh Goyal, Executive Director of Nureca Pvt Ltd, which owns the Dr Trust brand, said, “Dr Trust ECG Pen can help identify cardiovascular disease with high precision in real time, thus saving thousands of precious lives. It enables patients to track their readings on the smart phone and share them with their doctor, along with live ECG reports, anytime from anywhere.”
Goyal observed that a major factor behind the high mortality rate due to heart ailments in India is the delay in seeking medical attention after the onset of complications like chest pain, which could well be a sign of a heart attack. “Dr Trust ECG Pen can precisely detect these warning signals in the first stage itself so that appropriate remedial action can follow before the problem assumes life-threatening proportions,” he said.
The Bluetooth-compatible device is equipped with a fully integrated end-to-end system which closes the loop between patient and physician, thus empowering patients to take control of their own cardiovascular monitoring. Further, the compact and lightweight design of the device allows it to even fit in a pocket with portability an added advantage for patients.

Recognised by the USFDA as equally accurate as a 12-lead clinical ECG, this handy device is powered by a patented technology which is clinically validated for delivering accurate results every time. It monitors a number of heart conditions like irregular heartbeat and irregular heart rate simultaneously and gives a glimpse of all electrical activities in simply 30 seconds.
Goyal said Dr Trust ECG PEN can store data of the past 36 measurements in an Android and iOS-compatible app, which can be used for periodical analysis and convenient diagnosis. “In a country where over 2 million people die of cardiac problems every year, Dr Trust ECG Pen is addressing the life-saving need for timely detection of cardiac complications. The device can also monitor the effects of medications and keep a check on the functioning of hearts of patients who have suffered a stroke or undergone surgeries like angioplasty and bypass,” he said.
Unlike traditional medical-grade ECG, which can only be conducted and analysed by qualified medical personnel through a cumbersome process that involves attaching 3-10 electrodes at specific points of the body skin, the one-button-push Dr Trust ECG Pen does not require patches, wires and other attachments, thus making ECG monitoring, data storage and analysis hassle-free with its automated operation process.
Dr Trust ECG Pen can also help manage conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension and stress, the major factors leading to coronary heart disease, with its capability of continuously taking more than 500 readings for patients suffering from these conditions.
Explaining the underlying idea behind introducing this device for heart patients, Goyal said, “We, at Nureca, are driven by the passion for innovation, and it is our endeavour to promote wellness through our pioneering technologies.”
About Nureca Pvt Ltd
Nureca, a sister concern of Nectar Biopharma Pvt Ltd, is a leading healthcare and wellness company offering a wide range of high-quality home health medical devices and wellness products. Known for offering quality, cost-effective products with value-added features, Nureca is a pioneer in health and wellness with patented technologies and innovative solutions.
Conforming to all national and international health, safety and quality standards like FDA, CE, ROHS and ISO, the company has over 100 design patents and markets its products majorly under three brands – Dr Trust (health monitoring appliances), Dr Physio (restorative massagers) and Trumom (mother and child care devices). Backed by its innovation centre in New York, USA, Nureca, an outstanding R&D-driven company, is gaining firm ground and surging ahead by bridging the gap between the need for and availability of high-quality affordable home healthcare and wellness products.
Having developed a Pan-India network of 450 distributors, Nureca has made its products with the latest technology available at affordable prices across the country, including big metros as well as Tier 2 and 3 towns, through both on-ground retail and online selling models. The company enjoys a considerable presence online through all major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, 1mg and as well as its own ecommerce store,

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