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Mr. Nadir Godrej sounds call to action at the Mumbai First’s Climate Crisis 2.O Summit

Mumbai, 14th May 2022: Godrej Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Nadir Godrej today urged businesses, government and individuals to join forces to battle the impact of climate change on India’s coastal financial capital Mumbai.
“I think all these problems have to be solved cooperatively as government can’t do everything. Government have a lot of power, but they don’t have means,” said Mr. Godrej at a climate conclave organized by NGO Mumbai First.
“NGOs have a lot of people on the ground and a lot of ideas but they don’t have funds. So, a collaboration of all three is needed to solve the problems. Businesses can help solve all of Mumbai’s problems but as far as the environment is concerned, businesses have a big role to play because first of all, they can make sure that they themselves have no impact on the environment, they can work with their suppliers as well, they can work with their customers and make greener products and if we are to save the planet it is essential that all of us work together. Businesses have a lot of capability and they only need to be convinced that this is in their best interests and that all evidence suggests that businesses must engage in this because survival is based on sustainability. A business cannot thrive if it doesn’t survive. And actually, there are a lot of symmetries between doing the right thing and making a path,” Mr. Godrej added.
When asked what advice he would like to give business professionals, especially the thriving start-up ecosystem, he responded, “A lot of start-up guys start with a purpose and some of them have a social complex. I have particularly worked with omnivore funds for agri-tech and all the agri-tech companies are trying to benefit farmers. So, for a successful start-up there must be a social benefit and there is no reason you cannot provide a social benefit by making a profit. So, I urge every start up to have a deep purpose.”
“Companies with a deep purpose survive longer, excite their employees and customers, so it is real win-win.” Mr. Godrej later delivered the opening address to kick off the second day of the conclave, sounding a stirring call to action with a poem recited which he himself had penned and recited in his own inimitable style.

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