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Must Include Essentials in Your Grocery Basket for Preparing the Perfect Meal

Cooking is an art that requires preparation and attention to create that perfect soul-touching food that brings the entire family together. Food can almost act as a time capsule capturing all the beautiful memories we share together. Thus, it is important to get it as close to perfect as possible. Before embarking on a culinary journey down memory lane, it’s crucial to make sure you are well-equipped to prepare your ingredients so that your food not only tastes divine but is also the safest to consume.

Komal Verma, Mom Influencer from Bangalore vouched for this notion and said, “My grocery list is humungous since I have to make sure I incorporate a lot of nutritional value into my meals to nourish my children. I make sure that I pre-plan the list so that I add all my essential items in my grocery basket. Over the years I have realised that it is not enough to make the perfect meal. We need to pay a closer attention to the fruits and vegetables we purchase because in todays day and age we can never be sure if the produce we buy is truly free of contaminants. The level of contamination now is high enough where the process of cooking is not enough to get rid of it. We must go the extra mile to make sure our ingredients are truly safe for consumption. For the safety of my family, I have incorporated my trusted fruit and vegetable wash, ITC Nimwash, as an important step in my meal prep routine and I strongly recommend you do so as well. Its 100% natural action* assures the effective removal of pesticides and 99.9% germs from fruits & vegetables. Hence, I most certainly recommend adding ITC Nimwash to your grocery basket.”

We will be recommending must-have essentials in your grocery basket that will help you prepare not only delicious but healthy meals.

Spicing things up: Spices are the soul of a dish. It can make or break the entire flavour, so it is of utmost importance to start there. Having the strongest flavours in your arsenal will be your aid to make your cooking stand out from the mundane. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different combinations of spices to finally create your own signature style.

Freshest of fresh ingredients: Before you start cooking, list down all the necessary ingredients you will need so that you don’t have to waste time whilst you are in the midst of cooking. Analyze all that you might need based on all the dishes your family enjoys and enjoy the process of cooking a hearty meal of them. Try to maintain a list so that you never forget any ingredients before you head out for your grocery shopping.

Fruits and vegetable wash: Most often than not, fruits and vegetables sometimes contain pesticides and germs, thus, washing them with a fruit and vegetable wash is a practice which needs to be inhabited. Rinsing your fruits and vegetables with water is no longer enough, to truly bring out the health benefits of fruits and vegetables it is best to opt for a 100% natural action* fruit and vegetable wash like ITC Nimwash which can get rid of 99.9% of germs and pesticides.

Feast for the eyes: Most of us see plating as a practice only necessary for culinary experts. It can’t be further from the truth. How we present our food greatly impacts on the overall experience of eating more than you might think. Contrary to what you might think, it is possible to elevate your dining experience without breaking the bank or spending hours making it look artistic. Simple changes like upgrading your cutlery from steel to ceramic might make all the difference. The food you make requires time and skill, don’t be shy to present it in the best way possible to showcase your creation.

By making sure you are equipped with all these essentials you can be confident that your cooking is not only delectable but also safe and nutritious. It is a small yet significant step towards making cooking a joyous and worry-free everyday activity. These steps help with safeguarding your health and enhancing your experience of making all your favorite meals.

*100% natural anti-microbial action basis lab study

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