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National Science Day: Legendary Astronaut Rakesh Sharma Discusses Space Exploration and Global Harmony on Khul Ke App

Mumbai, February 28, 2024: In celebration of National Science Day, watch iconic Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma engaged in a captivating discussion on the Khul Ke app, an innovative homegrown Indian social networking platform dedicated to catering meaningful conversations.

The thought-provoking Khul Ke’s RoundTable interaction centered around exploring the significance of space exploration, India’s space program advancements, and the potential of science and technology to foster global unity. As the first Indian in space, Sharma’s unforgettable words “Saare Jahan Se Acha” continue to inspire the nation, symbolizing unity and aspiration. Reflecting on Chandrayaan-3’s success, he expressed enthusiasm for India’s renewed drive towards becoming a developed nation.


Throughout the discussion on Khul Ke’s RoundTable, Sharma emphasized the importance of utilizing space for peace, underscoring the absence of national borders from the perspective of space. He plans to present visionary ideas on how Prime Minister Narendra Modi can promote “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The World Is One Family) on a global scale, encompassing even outer space, during the upcoming Gandhi Jayanti celebrations.


As India’s sole astronaut, Sharma holds an unparalleled place in its history. He made history in 1984 by becoming the first Indian to fly on a Soviet mission, earning the esteemed title of “Bharat’s first Antriksh Yogi” (India’s first space yogi) for practicing yoga in space. His contributions extend beyond space exploration, playing a key role in the development of the Tejas fighter aircraft.


Currently, Sharma serves as a consultant for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), offering invaluable expertise for the Gaganyaan Mission, India’s ambitious human spaceflight program.


The Khul Ke RoundTable with Rakesh Sharma provided a unique opportunity for users to engage with a national space pioneer and gain insights into the future of space exploration and international collaboration. Khul Ke remains a dynamic platform fostering meaningful conversations and inspiring ideas for positive change.


Khul Ke has wide range of knowledgeable content on science & technology such as Bharat Tech D2M Summit, RoundTable with Professor Annapuri Subramaniam, Director of Indian Institute of Astrophysics Bengaluru and Mr Sathvik S Shetty, Head, QL space Pvt Ltd, Perth, Australia and more. So, this Science day dive into the era of science and technology content on Khul Ke app with your family.


Link to the Interview video:

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