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Physics Wallah (PW) Academy to Unveil Comprehensive Curriculum for Nursery to class 8, introduce AI & Coding Skills Platforms for Children

Mumbai, 30th November 2023 – Physics Wallah (PW), India’s leading edtech unicorn, is set to introduce a comprehensive curriculum from nursery to 8th grade through its school partnership arm, PW Academy, with an aim to foster holistic development right from an early age.

As part of this initiative, PW aims to target 2,000 schools for the curriculum implementation in the next academic year. In addition to this, the curriculum will be supplemented with the two free upskilling  platforms: PW Nurture, offering training in reasoning, mathematics, and verbal skills, and PW Curious Junior, designed to help children develop their coding skills.

The curriculum will be implemented in schools in three series. The ‘Bloom’ series, spanning from nursery to class 2, focuses on nurturing and laying solid foundations for 21st century skills. The ‘Eunext’ curriculum, covering class nursery to 8, includes subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and English. Furthermore, the ‘Spark’ curriculum is tailored for students in classes 6 to 8, with an extension for classes 9-10, and will impart knowledge in the field of AI and coding, reflecting PW’s commitment to technological advancement.

Imran Rashid, Chief Business Officer of Physics Wallah, stated, “We have consistently been dedicated to ensuring equal access to high-quality education. This initiative highlights a significant stride in numeracy and literacy, aligning with the National Education Policy (NEP) by introducing a comprehensive curriculum covering students from nursery to class 8. Our objective is to empower young learners, fostering the development of vital skill sets and nurturing critical thinking abilities right from the start. This will not only prepare them for a successful future but also instill in them a lifelong love for learning and a deep sense of curiosity.”

At present, Physics Wallah (PW) is empowering more than 100 schools in tier 3 and tier 4 cities with the JEE/NEET test program.

PW’s school partnership arm, PW Academy, aligns with its broader vision of providing high-quality education to students, including young girls, in remote regions of India where access to affordable coaching for competitive exams and early skill development is limited.

About PW:

Physics Wallah (PW), a leading ed-tech player in India, is transforming the traditional approach to competitive exam coaching. As India’s 101st unicorn, PW has successfully prepared students for a wide range of competitive exams, including GATE, UPSC, CDS, SSC, Railways, Banking, CTET, CAT, and CA. In addition to its exam preparation courses, PW has expanded its offerings to include post-graduate programs and PW Skills, which focuses on career development and upskilling. Students can choose from a variety of online courses, both free and paid. Furthermore, PW extends its coaching services beyond the virtual realm by providing offline and hybrid coaching options through its 60 Vidyapeeth centres located throughout India. One of the key strengths of PW lies in its extensive educational content, which is available in nine different languages, including Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Gujarati. PW has garnered a significant following, with over 31 million subscribers spread across 61 YouTube channels. Moreover, its mobile app has been downloaded more than 10 million times and boasts a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store.

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