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Craving more after Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal? THESE father-child dramas are perfect for your emotional fix

As Ranbir Kapoor and Anil Kapoor enthral audiences with their emotional saga in ‘Animal,’ the intricate father-child equation takes centre stage. Balbir Singh’s struggle to understand his son’s profound love sets the stage for a poignant exploration of family dynamics. If ‘Animal’ has left you yearning for more stories that delve into the complexities of the paternal bond, you’re in for a treat.

In the realm of OTT, where storytelling knows no bounds, there’s a plethora of father-child dramas waiting to be explored. From heartwarming tales to intense family conflicts, these narratives promise to tug at your heartstrings. Here’s a list of compelling OTT content that beautifully captures the essence of the intricate relationships between fathers and their children, a perfect binge-worthy experience after the emotional rollercoaster of ‘Animal.’

*Bloody Daddy*

“Bloody Daddy” on JioCinema is a must-watch series that delves into the intricate dynamics of a father-child relationship. Sumair Azad, an NCB officer, faces a perilous situation when his son is kidnapped by a drug lord. The series unfolds as Sumair navigates a dangerous mission to save his son, revealing secrets, testing alliances, and outwitting both criminals and corrupt colleagues. With a gripping plot set against the gritty backdrop of Mumbai, the show explores the strained yet compelling bond between a relentless father and his teenage son. Don’t miss this captivating tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption, streaming exclusively on JioCinema.

*Superstar Papa*

Experience an extraordinary father-child equation with the touching audio series ‘Superstar Papa’ on Pocket FM. Rahul, a college graduate, faces an unexpected twist when a 4-year-old girl claims to be his daughter. Filled with uncertainty, Rahul confronts a life-altering choice — to embrace fatherhood and embark on a transformative journey. Follow his evolution from zero to hero as he strives to be the father his daughter needs, forging an unbreakable bond. This emotional and uplifting tale explores love, growth, and the remarkable power of family. Dive into the touching audio series ‘Superstar Papa’ only on Pocket FM.

*Gadar 2*

“Gadar 2” on Zee5 is a must-watch film that unfolds a gripping saga of Indo-Pak conflict and sacrifice. Sunny Deol’s Tara Singh goes missing, propelling Utkarsh Sharma’s Jeete into a perilous mission to rescue his father. This sequel to the iconic “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” weaves a tale of familial bonds against the backdrop of the 1971 war. With familiar characters in new twists, the narrative is a labyrinth of tension, vengeance, and determination. As Jeete infiltrates prisons and Tara resurfaces, the duo faces the formidable General Hamid Iqbal. Don’t miss this riveting story of a father-son bond amidst the echoes of historic hatred, streaming exclusively on Zee5.

*Drishyam 2*

“Drishyam 2,” the Hindi crime thriller, is a captivating sequel highlighting the intricate ties of fatherhood. Starring Ajay Devgn, the film unfolds seven years later, delving into a new murder mystery involving Vijay Salgaonkar. Set against the night of October 3, 2014, it intricately weaves familial bonds with deception as Vijay faces unforeseen challenges, unaware of undercover cops. The story climaxes in a legal battle where Vijay’s clever plot challenges the pursuit of justice. Ajay Devgn’s portrayal of a protective father, a simple man with a razor-sharp mind, adds depth to this must-watch film. Explore the complexities of the father-child relationship, exclusively Prime Video.

*Breathe: Into the Shadows Season 2*

“Breathe: Into the Shadows 2,” a crime drama thriller series, delves into the balance between a father’s love and the daunting choices one must make. The gripping narrative unfolds as Dr. Avinash Sabharwal, portrayed by Abhishek Bachchan, faces a parent’s worst nightmare when his 6-year-old daughter Siya is kidnapped by a masked man, compelling him to take a life to save her. The series explores the moral complexities and lengths Avinash is willing to go to ensure his daughter’s safety, navigating a dark and gritty tone that probes the psychological and ethical dilemmas inherent in a father’s desperate quest to save his child.

*Satara ka Saudagar*

‘Satara ka Saudagar’ on Pocket FM is a must-listen audio series that beautifully highlights the bond between a father and his child. Join Rituraj’s compelling journey back to his village with his daughter after a painful separation. A lightning-struck train journey propels him into a world of unimaginable power, promising to fulfil his deepest desires. Yet, as he delves deeper, the true nature of this extraordinary ability remains a mystery. Will it bring blessings, propelling him toward his dreams, or become a curse leading him down a perilous path? Unravel the enigmatic tale of choices, consequences, and the pursuit of dreams.

*The Family Man Season 1 and 2*

“The Family Man” is an exhilarating Indian spy thriller available on Amazon Prime Video, skillfully crafted by Raj & DK. Led by Manoj Bajpayee in the role of Srikant Tiwari, a clandestine intelligence officer within the fictional Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC), the series boasts a remarkable ensemble cast, including Priyamani, Sharad Kelkar, Neeraj Madhav, Sharib Hashmi, Dalip Tahil, Sunny Hinduja, and Shreya Dhanwanthary. In the second season, Samantha Ruth Prabhu adds depth to the narrative as the antagonist

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