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The Growing Influence Of AI On The Technology Sector

The most buzzing topics in the technological world today are AI and ML. You must already be aware of the hype that Artificial Intelligence has created all around us. Without us realizing it, AI is going to take over our lives and has a significant influence over every aspect of it. People are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of AI in international conferences and people are writing blogs about all of it. StuffRoots has always played its part in spreading the information of the hour, so here we are with an article on the same. This article talks about the growing influence of AI on the technology sector.

Evolution Of AI In The Technology Sector

Before we delve into discussing the influence that AI is having in all of our lives, let’s discuss how and when AI even entered the picture. Let’s see how AI evolved. Well, the groundwork for AI was laid somewhere in the 1940s and 1950s with the development of early computing machines. Visionaries like Alan Turing proposed theories about machines simulating human intelligence. The term “artificial intelligence” was coined in 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference. This event is considered the birth of AI as a distinct field of study.

It is surprising today to think of it but there was a time when people started losing interest in AI somewhere around the 1990s-2000s, which then led to reduced funding for AI. But of course, the interest in AI sparked again and AI research shifted towards expert systems, specialized programs that emulated human expertise in specific domains.

Applications Of AI

We have been saying that AI has a growing influence on our lives and the technology sector, but never explained how exactly. This section talks about that, let’s see the applications of AI in real-world scenarios.

AI in Education

AI has revolutionized education like never before. Students now don’t necessarily need a physical setting like a school or a university, virtual classrooms have made learning so much easier for all. The virtual classrooms are interactive and engaging due to the involvement of AI. Not only that, AI also analyzes data from various sources to provide educators with insights into student performance that enable data-driven decision-making. Education Content has taken a few steps further too as AI assists educators in creating and curating educational materials. Educational Content like this offers diverse resources aligned with curriculum objectives.

AI in Healthcare

The most revolutionary applications of AI are in the healthcare industry. It is Machine learning algorithms that analyze medical images (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans) for quicker and more accurate diagnosis, helping identify abnormalities and potential diseases. The pharmaceutical side of health care has seen revolutionary changes due to AI as well. Drug discovery has accelerated by analyzing vast datasets, predicting drug interactions, and identifying potential candidates for clinical trials.

AI in Cybersecurity

As technology expands, threats due to technology also increase. As the proverb goes, “Diamonds cut diamonds”, technology can also be used to save our systems from these threats. AI plays a very significant role in establishing cybersecurity prevention systems such as AI-powered Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), AI-Driven Authentication Systems and also implementing Machine Learning in Antivirus Software.

Threats Related to AI

Well, it’s true that AI has transformed our lives and given birth to a kind of technology that makes our lives easier, it can’t be neglected that there are also hundreds of problems that have surfaced due to this age of AI. Some of these common setbacks of AI are listed below.

Identify Theft

AI deepfakes are a threat to society on social media platforms. Netizens are always so vulnerable now with their online identity. AI technologies like Deepfake make it a piece of cake to clone a person’s online presence and mimic their social behavior. Deep fake technology is mostly being used by advertisement agencies to promote products wrongfully by creating deepfakes of celebrities and influencers.

Job Threats

The number one threat to people right now from AI is job insecurity. With technology advancing at an exponential rate, people are relying more and more on machines rather than their own limbs which makes their jobs vulnerable since manual labor is being replaced by machinery gradually.

Weaponization of AI

The use of AI in military applications raises concerns about autonomous weapons and the potential for AI to be weaponized in cyber warfare. The amalgamation of AI in the military makes it difficult to streamline world peace.

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