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Pocket FM’s Superhero Collections Hits Sweep the Nation!

Are you looking for unparalleled audio adventures involving a world full of superheroes? Get ready to immerse yourself in extraordinary tales of Number Zero, Shoorveer, Super Yoddha, and The New Avatar with Pocket FM. From an intergalactic explorer’s clandestine visit to Earth to the crazy encounters of teleporting humans on a new planet, these captivating stories are guaranteed nail biters. Tune in now to experience the thrill of otherworldly mysteries and epic adventures.

Here’s a compilation of Pocket FM audio series that’s a must for all sci-fi enthusiasts:

Number Zero

Vipin only travels between planets. However, when he decides to investigate Earth this time, things change! Even though Vipin intended to keep his visit to Earth a secret, these kinds of things are difficult to conceal, don’t they? What occurs when Vipin touches down on Earth? Will he make it in the world of humans? What issues will he face? To find out, tune in to Number Zero exclusively on Pocket FM.


A 100 years from today, thanks to scientific and technological advancements, people will be able to teleport. Every person on Earth has found teleportation to be a blessing, but it is not without its limitations. Here, humans are being transported to a separate planet rather than to the past or the future. Humans are forced to coexist with strange animals and creatures on this new planet. What occurs if people use teleportation to travel to a different planet? How are they going to defend themselves there? Listen to Shoorveer only on Pocket FM to know more about this new fascinating future and teleporting human beings.

Super Yoddha

A young prodigy sets a precedent by bagging the highest rank of a 100-year-old clan. His success is short-lived and he is stripped of the rank until his fiancé presents him with an opportunity to win it back. But the stakes are high as he has to uphold the honour of his clan. Listen to Super Yoddha only on Pocket FM.

The New Avatar

Brave prince Daksh is betrayed and murdered by his fiancée, Chinai. After his death, Chinai became the Queen of the kingdom. The true motive behind Daksh’s murder remains a mystery. Seeking justice, Daksh’s soul inhabits the body of a young boy living with his helpless mother. Now, Daksh seeks justice both as a prince and a vulnerable child. What unfolds next? Will Daksh uncover the truth behind his murder? Can he aid the boy and his mother? Tune into The New Avatar only on Pocket FM to know more.

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