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Protinex Introduces New Ad-campaign, Emphasises on The Idea That Strength Goes Beyond Individual Well-Being

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India, 29 January 2024: Protinex, the flagship brand of Danone India, has launched its new ad campaign titled “Protinex, Strength Apne Liye, Apno Ke Liye.” The campaign aims to highlight the pivotal role of daily strength in fulfilling one’s responsibilities. The TVC focuses on the idea that,strength goes beyond individual well-being, encompassing the emotional and physical health of our families. The campaign is in continuation of the relaunch of Protinex, reaffirming the brand’s mission to spread awareness and encourage people across India to make healthier choices, focusing on overall well-being.

In the heart of the campaign is the narrative of a couple, featuring actor Namita Dubey and Nandish Singh Sandhurenovating their home to welcome the girl’s parents to live with them. The husband’s enthusiasm and active involvement in the process break away from conventional roles, symbolizing a partnership built on equality and shared responsibilities. A heart-warming moment unfolds as the husband presents his wife with a thoughtful gift – a nameplate that reads Maa, Papa, Priya, Rohan, signifying the inclusion of the wife’s parents in their residence. As both partners consume Protinex, the tagline “Protinex, Strength Apne Liye, Apno Ke Liye” resonates, encapsulating the brand’s dedication to supporting not just individual strength but also the strength derived from meaningful relationships. .Protinex is scientifically designed and enriched with protein, calcium and other essential nutrients to help improve strength in 8 weeks.

Speaking about the TVC, Sriram Padmanabhan, Marketing Director, Danone India, said, “In a world that is constantly evolving, our brand too evolves to meet the changing needs and aspirations of our consumers. With this campaign, we are not just promoting a product; we are championing a mindset that strength is holistic, encompassing physical, emotional, and relational well-being. Protinex aims to inspire individuals to not only enhance their personal strength but also contribute to the strength of their loved ones. The campaign reaffirms our commitment to promoting health and well-being in every aspect of life.”

Aligned with the broader Danone mission, to provide health through food to as many people as possible, Protinex remains dedicated to providing optimal nourishment, making it the ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive nutrition and strength, contributing to the health and well-being of individuals across India.

The campaign will be prominently featured on television channels and various digital platforms, including Protinex’sYouTube channel and social assets.

TVC link:

TVC credentials:

Agency: Brand David Communications

Production House: Chrome Pictures

Director: Hemant Bhandari

About Protinex

Protinex is India’s leading nutrition brand and is known for its range of high-quality protein supplements. The brand hasbeen a trusted name for over 65 years and is committed topromoting good health and wellbeing.

About Danone

Danone is a leading multi-local food and beverage company building on health-focused and fast-growing categories in 3 businesses: essential dairy & plant-based products, waters, and specialized nutrition. With its ‘One Planet. One Health’s frame of action considers the health of people and the planet as intimately interconnected, Danone aims to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices. In India, Danone started its nutrition business in 2012 through the acquisition of the nutrition portfolio from the Wockhardtgroup. Danone India embodies an integrated approach offering a full range of products across life stages under recognized brands like Aptamil, AptaGrow, Neocate, Protinex, Dexolac, and Nusobee.


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