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Sai celebrated Rakshabandhan with Sex workers

Mumbai: The organization SAI (Social Activities Integration) celebrated Rakshabandhan with the sex workers in Byculla Municipal School on Wednesday. The pious occasion was graced by Mr Vijay Kadam- Veteran Marathi film actor, J. Brandon Hill- popular Bollywood actor along with Mr Vinay Vast- Founder at SAI. These women tied Rakhi to the abovementioned dignitaries.

Actor Vijay Kadam lovingly quoted ` I joined SAI’s family today as a brother, celebrated Rakshabandhan with these sisters. These sisters are a part of our society. Unfortunately, they are not respected by our society. Due to certain dualities and unfavorable situation they have to work for their children’s future yet face the contempt of the society. Vinay Vast, the director of SAI, is truly taking the responsibility of a brother and is striving for the upliftment and rehabilitation of these sisters. I will always work with Vinay Vast for the welfare of these sisters,” concluded emotional actor Vijay Kadam.

“Rakshabandhan is a festival of unbreakable bond between brother and sister. Usually, one has only few sisters. But I am lucky to have hundreds of sisters. We have been implementing various activities through SAI for the past two decades for the upliftment of these sisters. We are setting up a big rehabilitation center at Bhiwandi for these sisters. For the construction of this center, every brother should help his sister.” SAI director Vinay Vast made an emotional appeal.

‘SAI’ (Social Activities Integration) is an NGO working for the upliftment and rehabilitation of sex workers for the last two decades. He is also taking care of the education of children of these women. SAI implements various activities for women. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan is a part of this activity. Mainstream artists, socialites are invited as brothers. Last year, these sisters celebrated Rakhi by tying knot to Union Social Justice Minister Ramdas Athawale.

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