What is Collagen – the wonder Protein that works like a miracle in our body? – Adarsh Maharashtra

Collagen is the miracle material that works like a scaffolding to repair and build our body organs like Skin, Muscles, Hair, Nails etc. It is the most abundant protein in the human body, amounting to 1/3rd of our total body-protein content & 2/3rd of our skin-protein. It is also responsible for skin elasticity and strength. 

It works like a glue in our body and the reduction of Collagen is primarily responsible for our aging process. It is produced by our body naturally; however, after our mid-20s, its production starts to slow down; and once we hit our 30s, the Collagen level in our body drops significantly. Lack of Collagen causes wrinkles on our skin and deteriorates the quality & health of our muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and hair.

Why is there a lack of Collagen in our body and what is the solution?

Collagen is produced in our body itself and is integral & essential to human life, as it facilitates profound rejuvenation and as Collagen repairs & rebuilds from within at the cellular level, its presence helps in the prevention of possible injuries & surgeries in the future. 

Collagen production is also affected by lifestyle. Smoking, lack of quality sleep, oily foods, high sugar diet, exposure to UV rays, etc. can decrease collagen production leading to premature ageing. Not just your skin, collagen is important for your joints, vitality and  digestion as well. 

On one hand, it is proven that ingestion of Collagen improves T-cell-related Human Immune Status and on the other, as Collagen slows down the aging process, it is believed that regular long term consumption of Collagen adds to one’s vitality and thus, results in an improved love life.

However, the production of Collagen has its limitations primarily on account of chronological aging. The solution to this challenge is regular consumption of high quality Collagen supplements, in addition to maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle including the right balance between  a nutritious diet, regular physical workouts and adequate rest. 

Collagen supplementation can also work wonders by reversing some signs of the ageing process amongst those who lead a highly disciplined lifestyle, combined with Yogic Meditation. 

Collagen supplements are now available in forms that are directly absorbed in our body with high efficacy and can start showing results in as soon as fifteen days to a month and is recommended to be taken for 4 months to see the real benefits and then be integrated in one’s daily dietary regimen.

Experts recommend a daily dosage of about 5 to 20 grams, preferably along with vitamin C for better absorption. The dosage depends on a few factors. Those who exert more or lead a very active life, or are a bit heavy in weight, or have an important event to look glowing, or are recovering from an injury / surgery, may benefit more from taking a higher dose of Collagen. 

The best quality of Collagen is manufactured by the Japanese Company, NIPPI Inc., who were the first to succeed in solubilizing Collagen & subsequently patenting it. This landmark event accelerated the applied research of Collagen worldwide. The finest quality of marine Collagen is brought to India by INJA Wellness and is available in neutral & other flavours, on-line & off-line at all reputed stores. INJA Wellness also sells Collagen in bulk as a raw material to other pharmaceutical & nutraceutical companies.

How to convert a problem into an opportunity – Success story of Sensei Bhavesh Sheth, founder of INJA Wellness in India, the man who is instrumental in getting high grade Japanese Collagen to India.

Speaking to our special correspondent, Sensei Bhavesh Sheth said: “In November of 2008, I suffered from a sports injury which put me in crutches for a few months and forced me to get a knee surgery. I was told that I won’t be able to do heavy exercises ever again, or else, my ligament would tear again. That period made me feel extremely uncomfortable because I went from working out 6 days a week to doing nothing except physiotherapy for months. 

At this time, my friend from Japan was visiting India and he knew about my knee, so he got me something I’d never heard of before:  COLLAGEN. As a vegetarian, I was sceptical about consuming it as it was derived from the scales of fish; however, my friend pushed me into trying it, as it was being used for its health benefits and not pleasure. I had it every day for a few months and to my surprise, my injury healed much faster than expected; so much so, that I went to Japan in 2009 to participate in the Karate World Tournament, and was also the first from the Indian team to reach the summit of Mt. Fuji. 

Years later, I injured my leg again and immediately looked out for Collagen supplements in India. However, there weren’t any. I knew that a lot of people faced the same challenge, but did not have access to, or knowledge of Collagen. That was the inception of INJA Wellness. INJA was the first company in India to import Collagen, and educate & spread the benefits Collagen has to offer. We revolutionized the Indian Collagen industry by introducing the first flavoured & formulated Collagen powder. As the pioneers, we proudly continue to set the benchmark with the finest quality products using premium Japanese formulations that actually show results.”

How has INJA become the most popular brand name when it comes to Collagen?       

Sensei Bhavesh Sheth further mentions, “Like myself, I found that most of the people in India were not even aware of Collagen and its importance in our body and it’s amazing virtues. So, I took it up on myself to introduce Collagen to India. We, at INJA, are passionate about Collagen and focus primarily on educating people about how Collagen can improve their life and today it is the people of India who have experienced its benefits and have made it a popular brand. For us, sales happen as a by-product. This is not just our secret, but a universal formula for success in most businesses or professions. We believe in the fact: “Focus on your passion wholeheartedly and with Integrity and fruits will find you.”

INJAis the most trusted brand when it comes to Collagen because we truly offer the best quality of Collagen. We also boast about having the widest variety of Collagen products in India, with different formulations & flavours, so that everyone can get a product ideal for themselves.” 

‘Take care of your body, It’s the only place you can live in’ … Jim Rohn

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