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Godawari Electric Motors (eblu) to launch India’s first electric auto L5M three-wheeler with complete body panes of DCPD material

Mumbai, 24th November 2022: Godawari Electric Motors Pvt Ltd (eblu) is planning its foray into the electric three-wheeler space soon with the complete vehicle body panels made of DCPD material. DCPD is the latest plastic technology and offers a wide range of benefits. Recently, the company has also received the patent for the DCPD Material.

The material is impact resistant and has been referred to as “virtually unbreakable” making the vehicle strong enough to work during harsh conditions. Through various tests, it has been tested that the material functions exceptionally well after heavy or repeated impacts, in extremely hot temperatures and even after exposure to a variety of chemicals. DCPD is rust-proof material and gives the vehicle a car-like paint finish. The main benefit of DCPD is it gives the vehicle long life and superior fit and finish.

Godawari Electric Motors is planning to roll out the electric three-wheeler in December from its upcoming manufacturing facility in Raipur. The company is also looking to expand its lineup and will be launching an e-cycle, e-scooter and e-loader by end of this financial year.

The company had announced last year that it will be investing up to Rs 150 crore for setting up an EV manufacturing plant in Raipur. The company’s manufacturing plant is going to be inaugurated in the next quarter as the company plans its foray into the EV retail space.

About Godawari Electric Motors Pvt Limited

Raipur-based Godawari Electric Motors Pvt Ltd is a brainchild of Siddharth Agrawal and is planning their foray into the EV retail space with a wide-range of products. You can reach out at

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