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Philips unveils the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide for all the music lovers

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, the quest for the perfect gift takes center stage for those eager to convey their affection. Keeping this in mind, Philips has curated a perfect gift guide featuring the latest audio range, including headphones, soundbars, party speakers, and more, for your loved ones and all the music lovers out there.

This carefully curated guide addresses a diverse array of preferences and requirements. Whether your special someone is an audiophile with a discerning taste for pristine audio quality, an adventurous spirit in search of a robust and portable companion, or an individual who values the sophistication of elegant design, this Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide has something for everyone.


Philips TAH6506 Headphones

Reduce unwanted background noise on the go with these stylish wireless headphones equipped with internal mics in their ear cups. The internal mics effectively filter out the background noise one doesn’t want to hear. The wireless headphones feature the unique ‘Bluetooth multipoint’ capability, allowing them to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and providing the option to switch between them as needed. With an impressive 30 hours of playtime on a single charge and 25 hours with Active Noise Cancelling activated, these wireless headphones ensure a long-lasting audio experience. A full charge takes approximately 2 hours, and just a 15-minute charge gives an additional 2 hours of playback time. These wireless headphones stay with the user all day long, thanks to their mammoth battery offering. The headphones are priced at INR 11,999 and is available on Amazon at INR 4,699.

TAB7007 Soundbar

The innovative Philips TAB7007 soundbar is equipped with advanced features to elevate users’ audio experiences. It boasts a 2.1CH wireless subwoofer, delivering a captivating multidimensional audio experience and an impressive dynamic sound output of up to 240W. The soundbar achieves a genuine surround sound atmosphere with its dual front-firing speakers, further enhanced by the incorporation of Dolby Digital Plustechnology. Connectivity options are abundant, allowing users to seamlessly pair devices via Bluetooth, tap into USB connections, utilize Optical-in and Audio-in ports, and leverage the power of Advanced HDMI ARC technology. The soundbar also features a robust Metal Grille, ensuring clear and easily audible sound whether users are enjoying a thriller on their TV or hosting a house party.The soundbar is priced at INR 21,990 and is available on Amazon at INR 12,899.

TAB8967 soundbar

The Philips TAB8967 soundbar boasts a unique geometric design and a slim build, making it a convenient option to place under or beside your television. This soundbar comes with 5.1.2 channels, wireless subwoofer, 2 rear speakers, while having 780W sound output. The user gets the option to stream hi-res playlists from their mobile device using Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, or Bluetooth. Additionally, 4K pass-through allows for seamless connection of 4K HDR video sources without any loss of resolution, making it ideal for movies and gaming. This soundbar is priced at INR 52,990 and is available on Amazon at INR 38,990.

Philips TAB4218

Packed with festive features, this soundbar comes with 2.1 channels, a powerful subwoofer and 3 EQ modes, allowing your loved ones to tailor their audio experience to their unique preferences. With exceptional sound output at 120W, these speakers are expertly designed to elevate the enjoyment of favorite music, cinematic adventures, and all forms of entertainment during the festive season. As a versatile gift, the soundbar offers multiple connectivity options, including the optical and coaxial options, Aux in, Bluetooth for wireless pairing and direct playback from USB drives. The Optical and Coaxial In options further ensure compatibility with various digital audio sources, making this sound bar a comprehensive audio solution for the holiday season. The soundbar is priced at INR 13,490 and is available on Amazon at INR 9,490.

Philips Tower Speaker SPA9085

Make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one with the gift of immersive audio entertainment – the Philips Tower Speakers SPA9085. This speaker redefines the sound experience, delivering an exceptional output of 100W that captivates with unparalleled clarity and depth. Equipped with a 2.0 channel stereo this tower speaker can be controlled with a help of a remote making it perfect for music, movies, and all forms of entertainment, this speaker elevates the joy of the season. A standout feature is the inclusion of a robust wireless microphone, specially designed for Karaoke enthusiasts, adding a dynamic and interactive dimension to home entertainment. The tower speaker also offers a plethora of connectivity options, from Bluetooth for wireless streaming to USB playback, FM radio, optical connectivity and multiple input ports for microphones, laptops. Moreover, this tower speaker features a wooden frame, enhancing the overall acoustic experience by providing a more resonant and immersive sound quality. The speaker is priced at INR 19,990 and is available on Amazon at INR.16,139.


Philips SPA8000B Multimedia Speaker

Crafted with durability and an elegant matte finish, the Philips SPA8000B Multimedia Speaker combines aesthetic appeal and longevity. Offering versatile connectivity options, from wireless Bluetooth streaming to USB, audio-in, and SD card inputs, users can effortlessly connect their devices. With a robust 120W output and 5.1 channels, these speakers provide a cinematic audio experience at home. Operating at 230V, they cover a wide frequency range (20Hz-20KHz) for clarity across all audio levels. This speaker seamlessly integrates with various devices, including Computers, Gaming Consoles, Televisions, Smartphones, Tablets, DVD Players, and more, making them ideal for parties, movie nights or music sessions. Priced at INR 14,490, this speaker is available on Amazon at INR 9,849.


Philips SPA8170B Multimedia Speaker

Indulge in an immersive audio experience with the Philips SPA8170B/94 sound system, featuring 4.1 channels, a wireless subwoofer for powerful sound with 100W sound output. Whether it’s explosive rumbles or melodic tunes, this speaker enriches the movie viewing experience with depth and clarity. The built-in Aux connection expands your audio world, while versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB, ensure effortless enjoyment of your favorite tunes. This speaker is priced at INR 9,459 on Amazon.

Philips MMS8085B/94
2.1 Convertible Soundbar

Sleek yet sturdy, this speaker is built to add a touch of class to any setting. With a Bluetooth range of 10 meters or 30 feet in line of sight, it ensures seamless wireless connectivity. What sets this speaker apart is its convertible soundbar feature. It can be placed horizontally or stand on the floor, transforming into the perfect multimedia tower speaker system. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for various setups. This multimedia speaker is compatible with any media, including wireless streaming via Bluetooth, USB, audio-in and SD card input. The system even boasts a built-in FM radio for added convenience. This speaker is priced at INR 10,990 and is available on Amazon at INR 8,079

Philips TAX5206 Party Speaker

Philips TAX5206 Party Speaker is claimed to deliver a maximum sound output of 160W through its two 8-inch woofers and an equal number of 2.5-inch tweeters. It features karaoke support and various functionalities such as echo control, vocal fader, voice changer, among others. Additionally, it includes a guitar input and a port to connect to an amplifier for a multi-speaker setup. It offers multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth v5.0, USB slot and Audio In slot for an immersive listening experience. Other features include an LED display screen, party light effect, strobe lights, and a trolley design for portability. The party speaker is priced at INR 23,990 and is available on Amazon at INR 16,490.

About TPV Technology

TPV is one of the world’s leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturers, along with being a consumer electronics key player in the field of audio visual digital entertainment. TPV concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips branded TV sets (Europe, Russia, Middle East, South America, China, India and selected countries in Asia-Pacific) and audio products (all around the globe) by means of an exclusive brand license agreement with Philips. We do this by combining the design expertise of TP Vision (100% owned by TPV) and innovative Philips brand heritage with the operational excellence, flexibility and speed of TPV Technology. With these combined strengths, we bring high-quality TV sets to the market: smart and easy to use with sophisticated styling. We believe in creating products that offer a superior audio and visual experience for consumers. With Philips TVs, TPV is a global leader in the hospitality market.

TPV has 11 production sites, 28 brand offices, 3 R&D centers and employs close to 32,000 people in several locations around the globe. We have been able to drive our growth over the years by leveraging our economies of scale and core competencies in R&D, manufacturing, logistic efficiency and quality.

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