Abbott and 1mg Bring Continuous Glucose Monitoring Solutions Closer to Indian homes – Adarsh Maharashtra

    Abbott’s FreeStyle® Libre Pro, a professional flash glucose monitoring system, will be made available online on 1mg for the first time in India

•       1mg will provide an onsite phlebotomy* service at the patient’s home to help administer the sensor and take readings of the data after 14 days, enabling them to start using the device in the comfort of their home

•       Continuous glucose monitoring empowers people to help their glucose levels stay within recommended limits 


 MUMBAI, India, 27 July, 2020 — In a move to expand access and empower Indian patients to take charge of their health, Abbott and leading online pharmacy and healthcare platform, 1mg today announced their collaboration to make Abbott’s continuous glucose monitoring products available online, including its professional flash glucose monitoring system, FreeStyle® Libre Pro. Patients in India can upload a healthcare practitioner’s prescription and purchase the product online on 1mg. An on-site phlebotomy* service will be provided at the patient’s home with a phlebotomist helping the patient administer the sensor and take readings of the data after 14 days, enabling them to start using the device.

Abbott′s FreeStyle Libre Pro consists of a small, round sensor — slightly larger than a 10-rupee coin. A phlebotomist applies the discreet, water-resistantand disposable sensor on the back of the upper arm of a patient. The sensor is held in place with a self-adhesive pad and remains on the back of the upper arm for up to 14 days, requiring no patient interaction with the sensor.

 “Innovations like the FreeStyle Libre Pro system have transformed the way people manage their glucose levels,” said Kalyan Sattaru, general manager of Abbott’s diabetes care business in India. “Making this life-changing technology available online enables more patients to remotely access the care they need, which is especially critical and timely given the current pandemic environment. Our world-leading continuous glucose monitoring will help many more people in India take charge of their condition, and ultimately improve their health.”

Commenting on the partnership Prashant Tandon, Co-Founder and CEO of 1mg said, “1mg provides a comprehensive suite of high-quality services for diabetes care, ranging from medicines to doctor consultations, delivered to patients in the comfort and safety of their homes. We are pleased to bring Abbott’s continuous glucose monitoring solutions closer to Indian homes by ensuring easy online access and expert phlebotomy services for FreeStyle Libre Pro application. This is in continuation to our commitment to bring greater access to technology enabled quality care to healthcare consumers.”


India’s population living with diabetes today is 77 million, and that number is expected to cross 100 million by 2030[2]. Poor diabetes control, a factor that has been observed in the Indian population with diabetes, puts them at increased risk of health complications including nerve problems, heart diseases, retinopathy and foot ulcers[3].


Dr. Shashank Joshi, a leading Endocrinologist and Diabetologist and President, Association of Physicians of India said, “Continuous glucose monitoring helps doctors understand glucose level patterns and equip patients to tailor their lifestyles to achieve their health goals. Making these devices available through an online service that integrates with the convenience of experiencing application will help patients manage their glucose levels better.”


Continuous glucose monitoring devices provides a visual display of a patient’s glucose levels over time and how they vary. With this information, patients and their doctors can personalize a treatment plan to help improve patient glucose levels have a greater time in range, i.e., they remain within the recommended limits for longer durations. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Pro provides this information through continuous glucose monitoring in a visual, easy-to-read graphical format. FreeStyle Libre Pro was launched in India in 2015. Abbott’s world-leading continuous glucose monitoring portfolio has benefitted more than 2 million people living with diabetes worldwide.

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