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Anhad Mishra’s ‘Khidki’ starring Naseeruddin Shah premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival

June, Mumbai: The recently held New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) hosted the premiere of “Khidki,” a poignant short film by writer-director Anhad Mishra, at East Village, Manhattan. Featuring the renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah, “Khidki” is a labour of love brought to life by Mishra’s dedicated and passionate team.

“Khidki” delves into the simple, mundane attachments that people develop in old age. It contrasts the youthful pursuit of money, success, and status with the mature realisation that family and small pleasures, like a morning cup of tea or the view from a window, hold greater significance. Anhad Mishra aimed to develop the character of Suresh to embody this idea. Suresh, who couldn’t retain his family, finds solace in memories and activities outside his window.

Mishra, both writer and director, crafted “Khidki” from a personal vision, creating a film that he would love to watch. His approach allows for varied audience interpretations, making the film a deeply personal experience for each viewer.

The involvement of Naseeruddin Shah, who graciously agreed to participate without compensation, adds a profound layer to the film. Shah’s performance as Suresh is a testament to his mastery and generosity. Mishra’s persistent belief in his vision and Shah’s support were crucial in bringing “Khidki” to life.

Writer-director Anhad Mishra says, “”Khidki” explores themes of old age, family relations, attachment to simple things, and loneliness in modern society. The film encourages viewers to reflect on their relationships with the elderly and the importance of providing them with love, support, and companionship.”

The visual aesthetics of “Khidki,” achieved through the collaboration of Director of Photography Andre Menezes and Production Designer Praapty, create a sense of space, warmth, and homeliness that resonate deeply with Suresh’s character and environment. Despite budgetary constraints, the team meticulously crafted each frame to evoke comfort and familiarity.

“Khidki” sheds light on the often-overlooked issues faced by the elderly, emphasising their resilience and adaptability. The film encourages viewers to consider the simple pleasures and connections that bring meaning to the lives of the elderly.

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