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Cerana Meads inaugurates Inspire Co Spaces – Adarsh Maharashtra

October 31st, 2020: Inspire Co Spaces based in Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai is a community of strong spirits, united and determined to work under the same roof. The workspace and the people around it motivate companies and entrepreneurs to grow and do better altogether. The advantages of co-working spaces are that co-working spaces give more networking possibilities.

“One of the several notable benefits of a co-working space is connecting with other individuals that result in increased productivity, a boost in creativity, collaboration opportunities, cost-efficiency, and greater flexibility. We would want to uplift and promote the businesses for those who find it difficult to cope up in this difficult time to make an elite working experience for their team,” says Amit Sathe, Founder, and Director, Inspire Co Spaces.

“Inspire Co Spaces customizes co-working spaces as per the requirement and manages operations; it streamlines a cost-effective solution with configurable figures. Working together is of great advantage. Great ideas don’t come from lone geniuses. Instead, diverse perspectives help one come up with winning innovations.” conveys Nisshith Agarrwal, Co-founder, and Director, Inspire Co Spaces.

Even before announcing it officially, Inspire Cospaces in its center in Goregaon, Andheri, Thane, and Belapur have a few prominent clients like Carnival Cinemas, Kissht, RAK Ceramics, Microcom, Terralenze, Prittle Prattle, etc. Mr. Sathe and Mr. Agarrwal proudly announce 70% occupancy in its inception days, even in this pandemic.

Teamwork can make one happier. When a person works in a team, they grow as individuals sharing the workload that eases burnout. Finally, dividing or distributing work lets one develop his skills. Inspire Co Spaces launched their Thane center with Cerana Meads, a Nashik-based Meadery bringing back history’s oldest and most delicious alcoholic beverage, mead, with an Indian twist. Cerana Meads is cofounded by Dr. Ashwini Deore and Dr. Yoginee Budhkar, who have finished their doctorates in Bio-Tech.

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey. Meads are of different types. Traditional Mead is made with fermenting honey & water with yeast. When fruit is added to this, it is called a melomel, and when infused with spices and herbs, it’s called metheglin. Mead made with malts & honey is called a braggot.

Meads are a gluten-free alternative to beers. Cerana meads pride themselves on making meads with all-natural ingredients, with no added color or synthetic flavors. Cerana Meads is geared up to craft traditional meads, melomels, and metheglins.

There are three available varieties, confirms Dr. Ashwini Deore:

1. Pomegranate Melomel: made using pomegranate from Nashik and lychee honey sourced from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

2. Jamun Melomel: made using Jamun fruits and Jamun honey sourced from Maharashtra.

3. Chenin Blanc Pyment: made using Chenin blanc grapes sourced from Sinnar and multi-floral honey sourced from Himachal Pradesh.

“Meads are not necessarily sweet; our meads are dry to off-dry; they possess complex flavors and pair well with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Mead is the most sustainable alcoholic beverage in the world.” reforms Dr. Yoginee Budhkar.

Both the co-founders of Cerana Meads were grateful to associate their brand with the launch of Inspire Co Spaces and look forward to continuing their association with Inspire Co Spaces in the future as well. In the coming months, Inspire Co Spaces also intends to expand in India coming months in cities like Pune, N.C.R., Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, apart from a few more locations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Under a pocket-friendly budget, shared workspaces give entrepreneurs and their team a place to work autonomously or collude with others who may assist them in their industry. Professionals get conference rooms or desk places for years on rent. The Founders of Inspire Co-Spaces have cached the principal rules of social distancing in this Pandemic time and controlled the areas to have the entrepreneurs own cabin space, and ensured that no one would have to assemble in crowds. The cabin space would be of 2 seaters to 6 seaters. Inspire has accustomed to the go-green notion, and the atmosphere is natural, refreshing, and relaxing. Inspire Co-Spaces team has followed the Atma Nirbhar theory as every product used in the center is made in India.

Inspire creates solutions to identify and fulfill the needs of discerning MSMEs and corporates in varied industries. Inspire Co Spaces develops co-working spaces as per the requirement and manages operations; it streamlines a cost-effective solution with configurable figures.

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