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Cherry Blossom – Add This Korean Super Ingredient to Your Skincare Routine NOW!

Cherry Blossom! Korea’s best-kept beauty treasure. In this season of full bloom, let us indulge into this divine temptation of falling cherry petals. Each one of them cause a ripple of euphoria in the river of sensations which reverberate into itself before finally coming to a beautiful end. Imagine visiting Korea in the cherry blossom season, I bet it’s definitely a part of your bucket list. Who wouldn’t like to float under the frothy candy floss clouds and watch the cherry blossom petals raining down? Forming an experience like a dreamy heaven during the night, when the moon illuminates the flowers, it converts the place into a glowing fairytale. However, apart from the spring’s bubble gum blooms, these fragile petals are edible and have a lot of other benefits. They go into everything from tea to macarons to skincare products.

Benefits of adding cherry blossom to your skincare?
Since, cherry petals are a part of the rose family, they have some amazing skincare properties which makes it a powerful botanical across the world. These pretty little flowers are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making them a godsend for those with sensitive skin. This elixir is soothing to irritated skin, as it reduces redness and promotes healing. It also smoothens skin and fights hyperpigmentation, owing to its high concentration of Vitamin C. Sakura, as it is also known, helps repair damaged skin with its rich content of essential fatty acids. Last but not the least, cherry blossoms extracts boost collagen synthesis which helps in increasing skin elasticity, improves smoothness and inhibit decrease in pore size. All of this makes it an amazing all-rounder unique ingredient that’s surely worth investing in.
Products to try
Pick from a dirt dissolving cleansing balm, ultra-light moisturizing gel, super creamy, luxurious pink clay mask, a gently peeling overnight mask and an intense brightening essence!
Experience the goodness of cherry blossom extracts in your skincare regimen with the Quench Botanics’ Mon Cherry range here

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